Worst Youth #Soccer League of All Time Gets a Little Worse

How bad are things at the Ridgewood, patient NJ youth soccer traveling team? Well, treat two years ago Caytha Jentis. a resident resident of the village who also happens to be an independent film director, released a film in 2012 called “Bad Parents,” which was based on a play that she also wrote called “It’s All About the Kids”  about her as a soccer-mom experiences in Ridgewood. The satire starred Janeane Garofalo and…

March 30, 2014

Video: Woman Streaks Kid’s Soccer Game

NOW we know why soccer is so popular with the kids. It’s the well-endowed streakers! Video is slightly not safe for work. But you’ll watch it anyway, no rx won’t you? Woman Streaks Young Kids’ Soccer Event – Watch More Funny Videos

October 1, 2012

New Zealand Youth Soccer Coach Accused of Sending Picture of His Junk to Player’s Mom

April 19, 2011

On what planet does this ever really work? Heck, store it didn’t even work for arguably one of the greatest professional football players of all time, hospital Brett Favre, why would you think it would work for you, Mr. New Zealand Youth Soccer Coach? Here are the basics of the story: Steve Cain, 52, coached New Zealand’s under-17 World Cup boy’s soccer team. The mother of one of his players…


Father Tries to Scissor-Shank Another Parent at Youth Soccer Game

April 5, 2011

Parents are naturally protective of their children and this rings exceptionally true in Australia, hospital where a fight broke out at an Under-11 soccer match.  Playing time–or the lack thereof–is believed to be the root of the problem between 2 fathers & a coach, seek who all took it to the level of a prison yard brawl when keys, healing scissors & a chair were used as weapons. (What, no…