Video: Youth League Hockey Coach Trips Opposing Player During Post Game Handshake

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: it’s possible the post-game handshake between youth sports teams has outlived its usefulness. Yes, tadalafil ambulance 99% of the time nothing happens, but on a more frequent basis the calm exchange of pleasantries is used as a way to retaliate against an unwitting opponent who thinks the action has stopped. In the past, we’ve had cheap shot punches, kids with tacks…

June 28, 2012

Update on the Story of Hazed Hockey Player Akim Aliu

Long time readers of BadJocks will remember the story of hockey player Akim Aliu, tadalafil medicine who fought back when junior hockey teammates tried to haze him back on 2007.  This story is for every one out there who tries to claim that there are never any negative consequences to someone who refuses to “play along” when someone attempts to do some “team bonding.” You can read the longer version…

April 9, 2012

Parents, Coach in Conflict Over Proper Way to Celebrate Hockey Player’s 200th Goal . . . as a 9-Year-Old?

Don’t want to go into great detail here (I’ll let the lengthy story link below do that) but it’s amazing that we’re even discussing this: the parents of a 9-year-old hockey player in Massachusetts wanted to stop a game in progress to celebrate their son’s 200th goal. Never mind that the team couldn’t confirm the stats and the coach felt the time to celebrate such a thing is best AFTERWARDS….

February 16, 2012

Video: Hockey Brawl Between Under-10 Teams in Kazakhstan

Not your typical hockey brawl: this one happens after the game following the sportsmanship handshake, viagra sales cure involves every player, treatment and all the combatants are under 10 years old. Here’s more from the YouTube description: This is my 9-year-old brother’s team Kokshetau – Burabay (green) fighting against the team from the capital city of Kazakhstan – Astana (white). Even though team Astana won against Burabay 5:3, salve they…

December 15, 2011

Canuck Hockey Hazing: Players Forced to Drag Plastic Crates Across Rooms by String Attached to Scrotum

Who thinks of these things? Really? The best way you can think to tell new players “Welcome to the team!” is to allegedly force them to, tadalafil sale first: do a striptease dance judged by older players, generic viagra seek and then, purchase second: walk naked around the locker room with plastic water-bottle crates tied by string to their genitals and dragging on the floor. To make the task even…

October 31, 2011