Youth #Football League Season Canceled After Parents Misbehave

In Hartford County, Maryland, the football season for the Bel Air Terps 12U Red team is over. What, did the league run out of money? Did Hurricane Irene destroy their playing field? Nope. Parents behaving badly caused the Upper Chesapeake Youth Football League to cancel the season. Not a lot of details about the incidents that started this chain-reaction, but apparently two parents got into it at a team scrimmage….

September 2, 2011

Angry Parent at Youth #Football Game Arrested for . . . Biting Cops?

Parents behaving badly at their kid’s sporting events is nothing new. A parent running onto the field to protest a bad call is also quite common. Being asked to leave the field by the commissioner of the league? It happens. Refusing to leave the field AND biting two cops who try to arrest you? That honor alone belongs to DeJuan “You Can’t Arrest Me!” Wells, 28, of Indianapolis who rushed…

August 22, 2011