Video: Everyday Football Fouls

July 10, 2014

Has watching the FIFA World Cup 2014 made American’s fans of soccer, best viagra tadalafil or did it just make us notice all the silly fouls, viagra usa flopping, and knee grabbing the sport is know for? Watch this video to see what every day life would be like if we reacted to being bumped or pushed like football players do.


Video: Overly Excited Brazilian Soccer Fan Breaks His TV When Chile Misses

In case you missed it, viagra tadalafil in FIFA World Cup action over the weekend Brazil beat Chile 3-2 on penalty kicks in an extremely close, cialis sale sildenafil hard fought match, site with Chile missing on it’s last attempt. So, what’s a Brazilian fan to do? Celebrate, of course, and smack his flat screen TV in the process. What’s Portuguese for d’oh?

June 30, 2014