Video: Pyschotic Mom at LHSAA Cheerleading Championships

Some parents support their children’s athletic efforts and some parents REALLY support their kid’s athletic efforts. This lady REALLY wants to support her cheerleading daughter. This appears to have taken place at the Louisiana High School Athletic Association Cheerleading Championships this week in Lake Charles. “More swagger!” Original video shot by HogAlleyHogs.  Here’s some explanation from the YouTube posting: Here’s some video I shot at the 2011 LHSAA Cheer &…

December 8, 2011

Video: Highlight Reel for Nine-Year-Old Football Player

You know how some of our Painful Sports Videos make you cringe? This one will make you smile. Little DJ–number 3 in most of the video clips–looks like he’s ready to play high school football and he’s only 9! Note to self:  Check back in 7 years to see if “DJ” has signed a letter of intent to play for LSU.

November 15, 2011

Video: “Fake Referee” Streaker at UCLA/Arizona Game Could Get Jail Time – Jace Lankow

By now, generic viagra troche now, most of you have seen the video of University of Arizona student Jace “Was That Wrong?” Lankow running onto the field during the UCLA/Arizona game last Friday night dressed as a referee, then stripping off his clothes and streaking the Tuscon crowd. Lankow is now telling cops he did it to pad his resume to get on the TV show Wipeout, but failed to…

October 25, 2011

Video: “Topless” Female Soccer Fan Bounces Along with Crowd

First off: the video below is Mostly Safe For Work. You really don’t see “anything”, cialis generic health but it’s not for want of slowing down the video, viagra sale viagra squinting and watching it repeatedly. Not much detail on what is happening here, but it appears she’s a fan of the Dynamo Kiev team whose male fans have a tradition of taking off their shirts and bouncing up and…

September 19, 2011

Worst Soccer Goal Celebration Ever? – Video

Hey guys: can you just act like you’ve scored a goal before without turning it into an entire Broadway production? Either that, cialis case or soccer referees should start immediately putting the ball into play after a goal, so while these little dance numbers are going on, the other team can score three or four times.  It says something in the YouTube description about Shakira, but we ain’t seein’ it.

September 8, 2011

Painless Sports #Video: Female Reporter Drops Pants, Reveals #Thong, So #Soccer Player Can Autograph Her Behind

Not sure exactly what’s going on in this clip, viagra sales cure but according to CNBC, online it’s a female reporter in Costa Rica interviewing a soccer player named Wilson Munoz. She asks for his autograph, but not on a program or team photo. No, she wants him to sign her buttocks, and takes her already tight jeans down to reveal her thong to give him plenty of space to…

August 25, 2011