Worst Soccer Goal Celebration Ever? – Video

September 8, 2011

Hey guys: can you just act like you’ve scored a goal before without turning it into an entire Broadway production? Either that, or soccer referees should start immediately putting the ball into play after a goal, so while these little dance numbers are going on, the other team can score three or four times.  It says something in the YouTube description about Shakira, but we ain’t seein’ it.


Painless Sports #Video: Female Reporter Drops Pants, Reveals #Thong, So #Soccer Player Can Autograph Her Behind

August 25, 2011

Not sure exactly what’s going on in this clip, but according to CNBC, it’s a female reporter in Costa Rica interviewing a soccer player named Wilson Munoz. She asks for his autograph, but not on a program or team photo. No, she wants him to sign her buttocks, and takes her already tight jeans down to reveal her thong to give him plenty of space to write . . ….


Strange Video: Riot Police Dealing With Soccer Fans Following Dramatic Win

May 6, 2011

The soccer portion of this video (from some Eastern European country, it appears) lasts only about 30 seconds as a player from one team (now known as “The Hero”) appears to score a sudden death overtime goal to win the game. Of course, fans storm the field, for sale but then they won’t leave. The rest of the 8 minute video shows stadium security and riot police trying to restore…


Sports Video: Greatest HS Baseball Slide Home Ever?

High school baseball player leaps over catcher - video still
April 20, 2011

Some of the best sports videos come from high school games where anything goes. Take for example this Mississippi high school baseball game between South Panola and Tupelo. In the bottom of the sixth Tupelo’s J.D. Roberts hit one to left field and Caleb Walker (seen in the video) comes in from second base, rounds third and was told to keep going. He did. But, of course, the catcher for…


Video: Novak Djokovic Plays Tennis on Airplane Wing

March 24, 2011

No, really. Novak Djokovic, the #2 men’s tennis player in the world risked his life to swing a new Head tennis racket while standing on the wing of a old airplane.  Of course, he got paid pretty well to do it (our sources say 12 trillion dollars) Not exactly sure what this says about the racket, but we know that Djokovic is nuts.  Still, an entertaining video that we thought…