Video: Drunk Cleveland Browns Fan Dunks Head in Bucket of Urine for $450

We’ve seen a lot of nasty sports videos in the past: broken legs, fan brawls, and drunken outbursts. But this one sinks to a new low. How much would it take for you to dunk your head in a bucket of urine, drunk or sober? Something makes me think the NFL won’t be using this video in any future league promotions. Would You Dunk Your Head In A Bucket of…

October 15, 2012

Urine Big Trouble Young Man: High School Baseball Player Suspended for Dugout Prank

Trying to gain an advantage on your opponent during a game? The list of pranks and tricks are endless, but the one played by Dwyer High School (FLA) last week before a playoff game against intra-city rival Palm Beach Gardens High really stinks. And that’s not just figuratively. It stinks, like the smell of a truck stop restroom that hasn’t been cleaned in months. The unidentified player was suspended from…

April 23, 2012

Mascot Madness: Colorado State Mascot Shocks Crowd, Urinates on Court Before Game!

Cam the Ram
March 2, 2012

Of course, CSU is known as The Rams and their mascot is not a guy in a costume but an actual ram. You know, a male sheep? He’s known as Cam the Ram. But still: he peed on the hardwood before the game against UNLV Wednesday night. Wonder if there will be a “deadspot” in that area from now on? The real question is: why are they allowing live animals…