Florida’s Erving Walker Arrested for . . . Stealing Taco, Running From Cops With a Taco

If you’re gonna go, GO BIG, right? University of Florida starting guard Erving “The Thief” Walker went on a crime rampage near the Gainesville campus, ordering a taco from a street vendor and then running off before paying.  A nearby SWAT Team gave pursuit (okay the police report doesn’t say anything about a SWAT Team, but it makes for good visuals) and eventually, with the assistance of several squad cars…

March 31, 2012

#Gators Track Star Arrested for Sex With Sleeping Woman – Andries Dumisane Hlaselo

This University of Florida long distance runner isn’t even smart enough to come up with an excuse for trying to have sex with a woman who fell asleep at a friend’s house. He did, of course, stop having sex with her when she “freaked out” . . . because she was asleep and a big jock was on top of her trying to have sex with her against her will!

June 29, 2011