More Piling on Petrino: Was He Cheating on Mistress With “Miss Motorcycle Mania” Bikini Model? – Alison Melder

Picture of Alison Melder
April 13, 2012

And the Petrino mess gets worse. Now the guys over at DeadSpin, cialis who obtained all 2 million pages of the former Arkansas football coach’s phone records, viagra sale say he sent more than 200 text messages last fall to a young woman named Alison Melder.  According to her now deleted LinkedIn profile, Melder is a graduate of Arkansas-Little Rock and worked as a Senate assistant with the Republican Party…


Piling On: Bobby Petrino Gets Animated GIF and Taiwanese TV Treatment

still image from Bobby Petrino re-enactment animated video
April 12, 2012

Let the piling on begin! Former Arkansas football coach Bobby “How ‘Bout a Lift?” Petrino has been fired, decease rumors are swirling that there are nude photos of his manhood floating around the Internet, physician and his face still looks like an undercooked pepperoni pizza. So, how could things get any worse for the former Razorback? How about if people start re-enacting your infamous motorcycle accident using animation? (Bobby Petrino…


Bobby Petrino Update: Former Arkansas Coach Exchanged 100s of Texts w. Jessica Dorrell; May Have Included Nude Photos

The water is getting deeper for now former Arkansas football coach Bobby “I’ll Text You” Petrino. According to reports, doctor he and his mistress/employee, Jessica Dorrell exchanged 100s if not thousands of text messages including 70 on Sept. 17, the day Arkansas beat visiting Troy 38-28.  The university has released Petrino’s phone records and it does not make him look any better. And if that wasn’t enough, there might be nude…

April 12, 2012

Arkansas Fires Petrino: “Engaged in Pattern of Misleading and Manipulative Behavior”

According to the Razorback’s athletic director Jeff Long, sale it wasn’t so much that football coach Bobby “Evil Kenevil” Petrino had a girlfriend on the side. It was the fact that he lied–apparently repeatedly–about having a girlfriend on the side, did not disclose that 25-year-old Jessica Dorrell was his mistress when she beat out 159 other applicants for a job on his staff; or that he had given her $20,000…

April 11, 2012

Arkansas’ Bobby Petrino Suspended After Motorcycle Accident With “Girlfriend” – Jessica Dorrell

Jessica Dorrell
April 9, 2012

For those of your who missed it last week, cialis Arkansas head football coach Bobby Petrino got into a little bit of an accident on his motorcycle. At first, case we read this story and thought “Dumbass!” and left it at that. Then came word that he had a young woman on the motorcycle with him at the time, but had kind of fudged that fact when he first reported…


Son of #Arkansas Coach #BobbyPetrino Arrested on Drug Charges – #razorbacks

Petrino’s son, view Dominic, a one-time college quarterback, was arrested in Indiana on drug and DUI charges after being stopped by police. A statement from his father, Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino, reads in part: “Nick is our son, he is not a member of the Arkansas football team. As such, this is not a University of Arkansas issue. Instead, it is a family matter and a legal matter. My…

July 19, 2011

#Razorback O-Lineman, #AnthonyOden, Arrested for DUI, Failing to Yield to Emergency Vehicle

It all started with an awkward turn for #Arkansas offensive lineman Anthony “Double DUI” Oden, try who then crossed a center line, then failed to respond to a police office who tried to pull him over. Oden only blew a .09% BAC (just over the legal limit) but he was also accused of not having proof of ownership, driving on a suspended/revoked driver’s license and not having a driver’s license….

July 10, 2011