HS Golf Coach Arrested for Buying Booze for Team That Lost by One Stroke in State Tournament

Now there’s a caring coach for ya! All Hermantown High School (MN) assistant golf coach Kyle “Put It on My Tab’ Ernst was trying to do was cheer his players up. And why not? The Hermantown Hermits boys team fell one stroke–ONE STROKE!–short of winning the state golf championship being held near Shakopee last week. Crushing, just crushing. You can just see the tears welling up in their little eyes,…

June 20, 2012

New Mexico Fires Football Coach After “Recruit” Arrested for DUI in Car Owned by Son – #MikeLocksley

It’s not like head coach Mike Locksley was burning things up for the Lobos: in just over two seasons at the University of New Mexico, he had amassed a record of 2-26, including two back-t0-back 1-11 seasons. Yes, he inherited some problems from previous coaches (including NCAA sanctions limiting scholarships) but allegedly also had his share of on–and off–field problems. The most recent? A young football player from Chicago who…

September 26, 2011

Student Athletes in Trouble Over FaceBook Photos … Again (video included)

May 12, 2011

Busted! 11 high school student athletes are in the hot seat after evidence of their drinking & smoking shenanigans showed up on, what else? FaceBook.   School officials are laying the smack down on the naughty jocks & some are calling it a witch hunt against student-athletes & that the punishments are unjust.  Unfortunately, the same thing happened back in September but no disciplinary action was taken – spare the rod,…


HS Baseball Coach & Assistants Fired, 18 Players Suspended After Beer Incident at Hotel

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April 20, 2011

It probably comes as no surprise to most of you that it’s probably NOT a good idea to give teenagers booze. Especially when you’re their coach and you’re at a hotel for an away baseball tournament in Arizona. Then again, illness it apparently DID seem like a good idea to at least one of the coaches at Burroughs High School (CA) and now the entire team (including three other coaches)…