UK Cops Arrest English Football Hooligans BEFORE They Leave for Euro 2012

Call it preventive medicine. Police in Britain have arrested three known troublemakers and confiscated their passports before they could get on a plane to travel to the Euro 2012 soccer tournament in Poland. Apparently this is a pretty common practice with “known” hooligans, to prevent them from causing trouble in the host countries. They’re supposed to turn in their passports before the events (keeping them from traveling) and if they…

June 1, 2012

Trial for UK Soccer Hooligan Delayed When Bathroom Partition Falls Him

You’re all familiar with soccer hooligans, aren’t you? Tough guys who always want to brawl with other soccer fans, get into it with the police and generally cause trouble without regard to their own physical safety. Like Liam Melody, 19, of Stanley Gardens, Wallington, a member of the fearsome Holmesdale Fanatics who’s on trial in the United Kingdom for allegedly pushing a stadium steward over a railing during one game…

May 14, 2012

Strange Sports Video: Chicken Invades Soccer Pitch – Blackburn vs. Wigan, UK

Strange things seem to happen at soccer games all the time, usually involving players taking dives. Or hooligan throwing flares onto the field. But this time, it was something even more unusual:  a chicken ran out onto the field. Nope, not a prank rubber chicken, an actual live chicken, wearing a Blackburn soccer club flag during a game against bitter rival Wigan in the United Kingdom. Not sure what the…

May 10, 2012

UK Soccer Brawl Ends in Five Ejections – Video

And, shockingly, with all the punching and kicking going on, no one ended up on the ground clutching a knee. And yet, during a game, a stiff breeze can send a player to the turf in agony. Here’s more from the Daily Mail: Shamed Crawley duo Pablo Mills and Claude Davis have written letters of apology following their roles in a mass brawl after the club’s win at Bradford City…

March 30, 2012

Video: Did Soccer Referee Mike Dean Celebrate Louis Saha’s Tottenham Goal vs Arsenal?

I’m sure most of you guys saw this game live (who didn’t right?) but you may have missed soccer referee Mike “I’m a Completely Impartial Third Party” Dean as he either does a little jump for joy as this goal goes over the goalkeeper’s head, or he has to pee really bad. Or it could be a pulled hammy, but we think it’s one of the first two.

March 1, 2012

UK Soccer Streaker Banned for Three Years After Incident in Front of Kids

Best to pick you streaking venues wisely, young man. It’s one thing to get drunk and run out in front of a crowd of other adults at a pro game, quite another to to chose a game being played by teenagers in front a stands filled with school kids on a field trip. Yeah, that’s world class stupid. And also why Craig Knight, 20, of Goldstone Villas, Hove, (United Kingdom)…

January 6, 2012

#Scottish #Soccer Fans Could Go to Jail for Singing #NationalAnthem, Making Sign of the Cross

Apparently being drunk and shouting profanities are still okay at football (soccer) matches, but singing God Save the Queen or making the sign of the cross now violates Scotland’s new anti-bigotry laws at sporting events. Local police still aren’t sure how this will be enforced, but already worry that the approximately $2 million set aside for enforcement won’t be nearly enough.

June 23, 2011