Video: UCF Student Arrested After Brawl in Stands w. Cops During Boston College Game: “Don’t Push Me Bro!”

Andrew Galbo
September 15, 2011

Remember “Don’t tase me, bro?”  Now we have “Don’t push me, bro!” after a University of Central Florida student (who had reportedly been drinking) decided that police officers attempting to escort him from the stadium really DIDN’T have any authority over him. Bad move. The officers, of course, did think it WAS their duty to removed someone misbehaving from the stadium and a struggle ensued.  Keep in mind, the young…


Former #Dolphin Daryl Gardner Arrested for Brawling With Wife at . . . #UCF #Sorority House?

No, former Miami Dolphin Daryl Gardener, 38, is not dating a college girl, but he and his 49-year-old girlfriend, Sonia Cabrera, got into a fight at an Orlando club that spilled over into two sorority houses on the campus of the University of Central Florida. I’m sure we’ll eventually learn the whole story, but for now you can fantasize about that topless pillow fight between the gals at Alpha Xi…

June 30, 2011