Video: Man Charges Tiger Woods, Throws Hot Dog at Him – Open

Add this to the list of Tiger Woods’ “firsts” on the PGA Tour: a member of the gallery at the Open tournament this week charged at him as he lined up his put on the 16th hole, viagra medicine yelled his name (Tiger, tadalafil capsule Tiger!) and then threw a hot dog at him. Neither wiener nor bun hit Woods and the deranged fan just laid down on the…

October 10, 2011

Tiger Woods Dating 7-Year-Old?

Alyse Lahti Johnston
March 21, 2011

Yes, viagra sales advice that’s what I thought when I read a story yesterday when the news first broke and I said out loud, cialis canada “He really has struck rock bottom.” So, of course, I started writing a post raking arguably the World’s Greatest Golfer over the coals for getting it on with a REALLY underage girl, when I actually started reading the article about his new girlfriend. First…


Painful Sports Video: Tiger Woods (?) Farts During Golf Tournament

Tiger Woods allegedly farting during tournament
March 17, 2011

At a high class operation like BadJocks, viagra generic stuff you almost hate to report on something like this, viagra but it is news and it is a slow bad jock sports day, cheap so here it is. Okay, so we can’t be sure it was Tiger Woods, but he is closest to the camera when you hear it. A video from the Tavistock Cup this week as Golf Network…