Video: Seahawks fan surprises mom with Super Bowl tickets

Awwww. First, some details on the story from CBS Sports: Here’s a little backstory: The mom is a lifelong Seahawks fan and wanted to attend the team’s first NFC Championship game in 1983, but she couldn’t because she was pregnant with her son. The same son who bought the Super Bowl tickets. Super Bowl XL was out of the budget and the family had no plans to attend this year…

January 30, 2014

Video: Singer M.I.A. Flips Bird, Says “Sh*t” During Madonna Halftime Show

MIA flipss off camera during Super Bowl half time
February 6, 2012

We didn’t see it live and it is certainly hard to tell now that singer MIA is really giving the audience the middle finger at the end of the clip when she holds her hand in front of her body, but it’s pretty clear she says “I don’t give a sh*t”. How did that get by the half time show censors? Great, another rock star incident at the Super Bowl….


Super Bowl Question: Who Has the Hottest Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS) – Giants or Patriots?

Now this is some serious journalism for you by the New York Daily News. Wonder who go burdened with that assignment? (Click on the link below to see a long, but interesting photo gallery. TIP: Wes Welker of the Patriots dates a former Miss Hooters International.) The Giants and the Patriots are back on the Super Bowl field, and while fans can’t wait to see who will come out on…

January 26, 2012