Football Streaker Videos

We found not one, buy viagra rx but two, shop videos of guys streaking football games and they are complete opposites. In one, the guy streaks a high school game and scales two chain link fences naked (ouch!) before making his getaway. The other streaks a college game (Ole Miss vs. Texas) and gets hit with a blindside tackle by security. Of course, it goes without saying that both of…

September 17, 2012

Video: Streaker Disrupts Olympic Torch Relay

As most of you know, sildenafil treatment the 2012 Summer Olympics will start soon on London, view and as tradition, viagra the Olympic torch makes its way via runners from Athens, Greece to the host stadium. What’s NOT traditional is a naked guy running out ahead of the torch with nothing but the words “Free Tibet” scrawled on his back. And to think, dozens of British school children got the…

July 11, 2012

Video: “Country Boy” Streaker Slides Into Home, Gets Tackled by Umpire

It’s only the end of April, sildenafil viagra but the MLB streakers are already at mid-season form. From the YouTube description: During the traditional playing of John Denver’s ” Thank God I’m a Country Boy” in the 7th inning stretch of the Orioles game on April 27, viagra generic fans cheered as a shirtless fan dodged police all over the ballfield at Camden Yards. Umpire Jeff Kellogg finally managed the…

April 30, 2012