Video: “Drunk”, Shirtless Fan Walks Onto Field, Wants to Play Football

Usually football game “streakers” just want to run on, and then off, the field as quickly as possible to get their 15 minutes of fame. Not this guy. He’s just walking around shirtless, picks up the game ball, and then, well, watch the video to see what happens next. Hard to tell from the video if this guy is drunk, stoned or just crazy, but he does put up quite…

October 31, 2012

Miami-FSU “Streaker” Tackled Hard After Interrupting Game

Usually sports streakers wait until their is a time-out, half time, or some other stoppage in play before running out onto the field. And really, this guy is less of a streaker than a dumbass fan who actually runs onto the field during play in Saturday’s Miami v. Florida State game.  He starts about mid-field, heads toward the end zone, takes his shirt off, manages to elude one security guy…

October 24, 2012

Video: Texas Tech Fan Streaks Game WV Game, Gets Tackled by Gang of Cops, Security

Usually sports streakers are naked, or mostly naked, by the time they hit the field Not this guy at the Texas Tech v. West Virginia game over the weekend. He hits the field and then starts doing a very animated striptease. The good news? He only gets down to his boxers before a gaggle of cops and stadium security guys take him to the turf, hard. Wonder if he’ll be…

October 15, 2012

Video: Woman Streaks Kid’s Soccer Game

NOW we know why soccer is so popular with the kids. It’s the well-endowed streakers! Video is slightly not safe for work. But you’ll watch it anyway, won’t you? Woman Streaks Young Kids’ Soccer Event – Watch More Funny Videos

October 1, 2012

Kilted Streaker Becomes TV Star Down Under

In most countries, if a man ran out in the middle of a major sporting event in a skirt and lifted it up to reveal he wasn’t wearing any underwear, he’d not only get arrested, he’d likely get taken for a psychiatric evaluation. But not in Australia. Down under, you see, they have a slightly different sense of humor, so a Scotsman in a kilt at a rugby match is…

June 15, 2012

Video: “Batman” Streaker Entertains at Baltimore Orioles Opening Day

Just another opening day in Baltimore. Sunshine, hotdogs, a cold beer, and some half-naked guy dressed like Batman (including a cape) running onto the field, blowing kisses to the fans.  We’ll call him a streaker, but you young whipper-snappers should know that–back in the day–you had to be naked to actually be a streaker. Not like today, when any drunk fool can take off a shirt or strip to his…

April 10, 2012

Rugby Streaker Fined $250 for “Spread Offense” w. Video

Apparently, Australian streaker Mark Mills, 33, could have received a year in jail and a fine of $1300 for his drunken stunt during a February National Rugby League (Australia) match between the Melbourne Storm and Brisbane Broncos. Especially since his drunken, naked dash onto the field went”beyond all expectation of common propriety”, according to the judge. Yes, Mills was naked and running on the field in front of an estimated…

March 29, 2012

Rugby Streaker Tackles Samoan Player During Match in New Zealand

Yes, you read that right, the shorts-wearing streaker grabbed and tackled a Samoan rugby player during a match this past week. Using these guys are just out for a drunken run across the field and a chance to delight the crowd as they run away from overweight security guards. But not this time. We are starting to see something new here friends: fans running out onto the field to attack…

February 6, 2012