Three Way Dance Atop Kentucky Derby Betting Board

April 12, 2015

The Kentucky Derby is set for May 2 at Churchill Downs in Louisville and already a trio of horses has emerged as the top challengers in the ‘Run for the Roses’.  While many horse racing experts consider the tentative field for the 2015 Derby to be very deep and talented at the same time there’s been little to no support for any of the ‘also rans’.  The two Bob Baffert…


New Jersey Allows Physical Skill-Based Gambling

February 18, 2015

Are we fast approaching a new era when gambling on sports will be legal in all over the United States, viagra sale no rx not just Nevada?  When historians look back at this time, viagra sales health they may likely point to this event at a lone casino in New Jersey as a turning point. It doesn’t seem like a big deal: allow gamblers to bet against one another in…


Which are the Favorite NFL Teams to Impact This Season?

National Football League logo
June 18, 2014

Every year, cialis canada viagra the same question gets asked: which NFL teams are favored this season? Not just who will win the Super Bowl, but who will the top five or six teams be and, more importantly, why will they be at the top of the heap and not other team?  Most importantly: what are that betting expectations for these favored teams? For the answer to at least that…