Painless Sports #Video: Female Reporter Drops Pants, Reveals #Thong, So #Soccer Player Can Autograph Her Behind

Not sure exactly what’s going on in this clip, but according to CNBC, it’s a female reporter in Costa Rica interviewing a soccer player named Wilson Munoz. She asks for his autograph, but not on a program or team photo. No, she wants him to sign her buttocks, and takes her already tight jeans down to reveal her thong to give him plenty of space to write . . ….

August 25, 2011

REALLY Painful Sports Video: #Soccer Player Given Red Card Over Pierced #Penis

Hard to tell from the video, but apparently this player from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia refused to remove the offending piece of metal after going into the locker room with the referee for an “inspection.” The real question is: how did anyone know he was pierced down there to begin with, and why is that an issue for him playing soccer?

June 24, 2011

Painful Sports Video? Soccer Player Kicked in Head During Interview

Soccer player kicked to head
May 11, 2011

Not sure where this video takes places (some vague South American country, we think) but the player being interviewed must know the guy who kicks him in the head during a live interview because it’s not followed by any gun play or fan riots. (UPDATE: The incident happened after the Italian Serie A league match between Roma and Milan. Adriano Cassano is being interviewed by Rai and Zlatan Ibrahimovic taps,…


Painful Sports Video: Soccer Player Banned for Life After Flying Kick Levels Opponent

Video still: soccer match flying kick leads to life time ban
May 5, 2011

It started like most of these things do: in the middle of a match, a soccer player pushes an opponent a little bit going for the ball, and that guy falls to the ground as if he was hit over the head with a baseball bat and everyone jumps in as if they’ve NEVER seen this happen in a soccer game. Pushing  in soccer? How dare he! Can’t you see…


Painful Sports Video: A Compilation of Soccer Fouls & Flops from a Single Match

Still from Real Madrid soccer video
April 27, 2011

In some respects this looks more like a hockey game than a soccer match with bodies flying everywhere. I haven’t see this many ankles grabbed in a single day since we covered the World Shin Kicking Championships in Australia a few years back. This “game” involves the team from Real Madrid (as opposed to the Fake Madrid most of you watch here in the US) and for some reason they…


Soccer Referees Under Attack at Home and Abroad – Painful Sports Video

Video of soccer referee punched in head
March 24, 2011

Athletes these days have no respect for authority. Now we have not one but two different instances of soccer referees being attacked by players. Below is a video from another country and, while I can’t quite make out what the announcer is saying, I believe it is something along the lines of “We have a bit of a disagreement down on the field and the players are unhappy with the…


Soccer Player Taken Off in Stretcher After Poke in Eye From Teammate During Goal Celebration

soccer player poked in eye
March 21, 2011

Professional soccer players appear to fall down when a strong breeze comes by anymore. In this painless, Painful Sports Video, a guy from the team in the green is just minding his own business, hugging teammates after a goal when Johnny Giantfingers comes running in and pokes him right n the eye, . . . or maybe near the eye, . . . or possibly just in the general head…


Painful Sports Video: Soccer Player Scores Goal in First Four Seconds of Game

Soccer goal scored four seconds into game
March 9, 2011

We have no idea where this happened or when. What we do know is that if this happened like, twenty times a game in soccer, more Americans would be fans.  Maybe soccer goals need to be taller so it would be easier to just kick it over the goal keepers head. No, seriously. This is like a full court shot to start a basketball game, only better because no one…