Video: Everyday Football Fouls

July 10, 2014

Has watching the FIFA World Cup 2014 made American’s fans of soccer, or did it just make us notice all the silly fouls, flopping, and knee grabbing the sport is know for? Watch this video to see what every day life would be like if we reacted to being bumped or pushed like football players do.


World Cup Referee: Faking Injuries Could Lead to Delay in Treating Players Who Are Actually Hurt

Last month, help the owner of a major soccer team suggested that the best way to stop soccer flopping was to penalize the fakers. Now comes word from a World Cup referee who believes that injury fakes could be putting players who are actually hurt on the field at risk. Why? Apparently, game officials like Howard Webb are seeing so much “diving” by pro players that they just expect that…

May 25, 2012

Soccer Boss: Divers Should Face Three Game Ban

April 16, 2012

So, finally someone in the world of professional football (soccer) has admitted that so-called “divers” (because they dive to the ground clutching a non-injured leg) are damaging the sport and, if caught, they should be banned for three games. Well, duh? It took them this long to see this is a problem? (Watch the video below for some classic dive examples.) At the World Cup two years ago, the diving…


Video: Soccer Player Takes Dive, Kicks Teammate Who Tries to Help Him Up

April 11, 2012

Nothing unusual about professional soccer players falling every time a stiff breeze blows. What is different about this video is that the player falls and then a teammate tries to help him up . . . like even HE doesn’t buy the dive. Of course, the faking player (some guy named Pepe) won’t have any of it, pushes his teammate away and even kicks at him (with his “broken” leg)…