Latest on Joe Paterno/Penn State Sex Scandal

So many stories out there, sick that I’m not going to try and compete with all of them, pharmacy so we’ll just bring you some of the best/latest we’ve come across.  The Penn State Board of Trustees faces a huge dilemma this weekend: ask a living legend to step aside against Nebraska, even though he hasn’t been charged with a crime, but may have done less than he should OR…

November 9, 2011

#Buccaneers Employee Arrested in Online Child Sex #Sting – Brian Weiss

Okay, buy cialis so this guy just managed the luxury boxes, nurse but he’s still part of (or was part of) the Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization. Not a lot of details yet, but apparently Florida cops rented a house then got online and pretended to be 9 to 14-year-old kids. Weiss ended up being among 32 men arrested after they showed up at the house looking for kids to have…

June 23, 2011

Former College Golfer Arrested for Trying to Meet Up With Mother/Daughter Combo for Sex

Giwon Suh mug shot
May 11, 2011

Former University of Central Florida golfer Giwon Suh knew he should have stayed home as soon as he saw the police approach him at the spot where he was supposed to meet a mother/daughter combo for sex, healing repeating over and over, malady “Why would I do this?” and “I am stupid.” Suh, a citizen of South Korea, got sucked into one of the newest online sex stings: cops place…