Is Video of Seahawks Fan Destroying TV After Super Bowl Loss Fake?

February 4, 2015

There are sore losers, and there are sore losers . . . and then there’s this guy. The real question is: is it fake? The guy starts out in a stance to make a run, and when he hits the “TV” is obviously an old projection unit worth maybe $9 on the open market today. Also, the other two people you can see in the shot also appear to be…


Video: What the NFL Didn’t Want You to See – Doug Baldwin End Zone “Crapping on the Ball” TD Celebration

February 3, 2015

Doug Baldwin of the Seattle Seahawks caught a touchdown pass during the Super Bowl on Sunday, something not many people can claim to have done. And yet, when it came time to celebrate this momentous occasion, Baldwin chose to throw the ball to the ground, walk over to it, pretend to pull his pants down and poop either out or on the football. That’s right, a grown man–allegedly a professional…


Video: Seahawks fan surprises mom with Super Bowl tickets

January 30, 2014

Awwww. First, some details on the story from CBS Sports: Here’s a little backstory: The mom is a lifelong Seahawks fan and wanted to attend the team’s first NFC Championship game in 1983, but she couldn’t because she was pregnant with her son. The same son who bought the Super Bowl tickets. Super Bowl XL was out of the budget and the family had no plans to attend this year…


Seahawks Marshawn Lynch Arrested for DUI in Oakland

July 17, 2012

First off, no, we don’t know what his exact BAC was, other than it was over the legal limit of .08%. (And likely not enought to qualify him for the World Famous BadJocks BAC Rankings.) How much over could impact what Lynch is charged with and the punishment handed down by the team and/or the league. Lynch, who played high school football in Oakland and is college ball at Cal…