Con Man Accused of Stealing $8000 From Parents of Young Baseball Players for “Traveling Team”

From our “Special Place in Hell” Dept:  Jeff Halter, ask 40, came to Hobart, Indiana (near Chicago) with a glowing resume and the promise to build a traveling baseball team of elite local players. Parents of budding ballplayers (mostly 11-year-olds) gladly stepped up and each paid Halter $675 for uniforms, practice time and travel expenses.  Practices started, everything looked good, and then according to police, Halter stopped showing up. According…

April 26, 2012

It’s This Kind of Crap Internet

You know, site it must seem like the world of the longest running sports/crime blogger (me) would be glamorous and filled with non-stop fun each day. But no. Most days are spend cleaning out my email inbox, deleting all sorts of scam emails and solicitations for my business. One of the more common solicitations is from search engine optimization (SEO) companies, boasting that they can get me to “The Top…

April 12, 2012

Con Man Able to Support Himself for Two Years Running Fake Charity Golf Tournaments

John Moyers mug shot
April 7, 2011

The greatest criminal in Texas history has finally been caught!   Okay, ampoule maybe the greatest fake golf tournament criminal in Texas history, mind but still, cialis this guy was the best at what he did. . . even though it was really, really wrong. Meet John Mark Moyers (mug shot, right) who has been traveling Arkansas and Texas for the past two years (yes, two years!) running fake golf tournaments…