Video: Referee Tackled, Texas High School Football Players Intentionally Hit Referee From Behind

Video: Referee Tackled, Texas High School Football Players Intentionally Hit Referee From Behind
September 10, 2015

Have you seen this video? Two Texas high school football players were caught on video intentionally taking out a referee near the end of a game last weekend. At first, cialis sale fans of the team were trying to say it was an accident (before the video came out) and once it was clear that they did it intentionally, generic the players reportedly claim the ref had used a racial…


Video: “Dirty Old Man” Referee

First off: What the hell sport is this? We’ve watched this thing like ten times and still can’t figure out what they’re doing.  And–heaven forbid–it looks like men AND women playing together!  What kind of madness is this? And more importantly, recipe what points are scored when the referee straddles one of your female players from behind? Is that a “goal”, cialis sale a “touchback” or the infamous “rear admiral?”

April 10, 2012

#Referee in #Rugby Championship Match Assaulted by Team After Controversial Call

Most of you were probably watching this Samoan Rugby Championship Game between Nu’uuli and Avele (it’s like the Super Bowl of Samoan rugby) when this incident broke out, pills but for the few that didn’t here’s what happened: the guys on Nu’uuli didn’t like a call the referee made, he tried to explain it to them, and they allegedly beat the crap out of him for it. We know, it’s…

July 26, 2011

Hockey Player Assaults Referee After Slashing Call on Teammate

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April 28, 2011

This one gets kind of confusing, and but we’ll see if we can sort it out. To start off, rx there was an adult league hockey game in Connecticut. (Got that so far?) With about a minute left in the game, cheap referee Peter Tarantino calls a slashing foul on a player from one team who promptly gets into a fight with an opposing player and both men go down…


Painful Sports Video: Disqualified Boxer Punches Referee – Khoren Gevor

Video of boxer attacking referee after disqualification
April 12, 2011

Likely this all stems from being named Khoren, help but that’s beside the point. Mr. Gevor, viagra a former EBU Middleweight Champ, diagnosis was fighting Robert Stieglitz when the two of them took a hard tumble to the mat and Stieglitz got a nasty cut on the head. Referee Manfred “Don’t Call Me Manny” Küchler then disqualified Khoren who then decided to kick the ref’s ass, which is where the…


College Hockey Game Turns Into Brawl, Ends With Referee Slashed in Face w. Skate

St. Olaf College logo
March 30, 2011

Somehow, click we missed the infamous “St. Olaf College vs Carleton College Club Hockey Brawl” earlier this month, but thanks to a loyal reader, we were alerted to this incident.  Basically, it sounds like the Oles (nickname for St. Olaf fans) started it off with the usual verbal abuse of their opponents. Nothing unusual in college sports there. But then they progressed to throwing bottles and cans onto the ice….