Video: Professional Wrestler Performs BOOBPLEX on Rivals – Joey Ryan

June 9, 2016

So, buy viagra there’s a professional wrestler (assuming he’s a pro because who would do this for free, right?) named Joey Ryan who has invented–and possibly perfected–a finisher move called the Boobplex.  Yes, you read that right. And it’s exactly what it sounds like: he gets behind a female wrestling opponent (yes, apparently in this age of equality, men can wrestle women for money), grabs them by their breasts and…


Video: Japanese WWE Electric Barbed Wire Death Match

May 3, 2016

Don’t really have a lot of information about this video, viagra other than it involves two lady wrestlers in some kind of death match. Oh, and the ring is surrounded by electrified barbed wire.  Fake, probably, but still pretty cool special effects when they inevitably hit the wire.


Former WWE Star Arrested Three Times in Three Days – Tamara Sytch

September 17, 2012

We’ll let the NY Daily News tell the story, cialis generic viagra but the last line is my favorite part: “Sytch was released into the care of her sister, viagra sale remedy with the promise that she would immediately go to rehab.” Yeah, after your third arrest, you probably need to try something different. At left, a picture of Tamara Sytch back in the day, and below her mug shot….


#WVU Linebacker, Son of Pro #Wrestler, Arrested on Armed Robbery Charge – Branko Busick

Are the #Mountaineers not paying their players enough these days? Apparently, viagra generic ed because some rocket scientist named Branko Busick was arrested on armed robbery charges after allegedly pulling a gun on some guy in an apartment complex and demanded money. When the victim said he had none, sovaldi sale Busick allegedly hit him with the gun. If the last name sounds familiar, wrestling fans may remember the boy’s…

July 13, 2011

Painful Sports Video: Pro #Wrestler Vomits, Passes Out in Ring

Usually these videos are “painful” because of the action going in the clip. This time, cialis generic sovaldi sale the video will be painful (and slightly disgusting) for you to watch. Wonder how soon before someone in the WWE will use the patented “Vomit Drop” pin move?  Video clip probably Not Safe For Work or your stomach. Wrestler Vomits And Passes Out In Ring – Watch more Funny Videos

June 16, 2011

At PPV Event, Pro Wrestler Jeff Hardy Appears Under the Influence, Loses to Sting in 88 Second

TNA PPV wrestling match lasts 88 seconds
March 14, 2011

Think the people who paid to watch this thought they got their money’s worth?  We didn’t see this TNA Wrestling event, best viagra physician so we’ll let the Baltimore Sun fill you in on the details in this heavyweight championship bout between Sting and Jeff Hardy that lasted under a minute and a half, cialis generic health most of the time spent on Hardy attempting to throw his shirt to…