#German Women’s Soccer Team Poses for #Playboy to Show They’re Not “Butch”

“With these photos, generic cialis see we want to disprove the cliché that all female footballers are butch, sovaldi ” Germany midfielder Kristina Gessat told the magazine. Mission Accomplished! Link goes to story which has mildly Not Safe For Work Playboy cover pic, buy cialis which then links to other pics from the magazine that are even a little more Not Safe For Work. You already clicked, didn’t you? Between…

June 16, 2011

UPDATE: Cheerleader Who Posed for Playboy Gets Reality Show: Taylor Corley to Star in Girl Swagg

February 11, 2011

You all remember Mississippi State cheerleader Taylor Corely, viagra usa thumb aka Taylor Stone, sildenafil prescription who was found to have posed naked for Playboy Magazine prior to joining the Bulldog’s squad. According to several sources, online although Taylor has left the university it was has been called a “mutual decision,” she’s not going into hiding. Actually, just the opposite: she’s apparently getting her own reality show called Girl Swagg…