Parking Lot Throwdown at Youth #Softball Game

There must not be much to do in Ames, Iowa because a mother is accused of attacking her daughter’s softball coach over playing time.  What’s a gentleman to do?  Hit her back of course.  Throw in a feisty sister who assaults the coach’s wife and you have a trio of glorious mugshots.  The bandage on the mom’s head just makes it all the more precious.

August 3, 2011

Latest #LittleLeague Scandal: Players from #Ugandan Team Had Fake Birth Certificates

It was the feel good story of the annual Little League World Series Tournament: a rag-tag bunch of kids from dirt poor Uganda made it into the final round of 16 after beating those snooty rich kids from Saudi Arabia.  Unfortunately, they were denied visas to come to the USA to play after there were “discrepancies” in their birth documents, most notably that they were older than some parents claimed….

July 31, 2011

#Father Banned for Life From #LittleLeague Park After Outburst at Game of 7 & 8-Year-Olds

What do you do when your “talented” 7-year-old doesn’t make the local Little League All Star Team? Do you: A) console the boy and work with him on his skills for next year, or B) Ask the coach what the boy could have done better? or C) Scream and yell so much that you get into an altercation with another parent and eventually get kicked out of the ballpark ….

June 17, 2011

“Father of the Year” Finalist Punches Baseball Coach When Son Cut From Playoff Roster

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April 27, 2011

Here’s something we didn’t know: in Florida high school baseball, the coach has to trim the team’s roster to only 20 players during the playoffs. Meaning, of course, that some kids who have played hard for the team all season won’t be on the bus for a possible championship run. But rules are rules and the coaches try to follow them. Coaches like Miami Springs Senior High baseball coach Jason…


Father Tries to Scissor-Shank Another Parent at Youth Soccer Game

April 5, 2011

Parents are naturally protective of their children and this rings exceptionally true in Australia, where a fight broke out at an Under-11 soccer match.  Playing time–or the lack thereof–is believed to be the root of the problem between 2 fathers & a coach, who all took it to the level of a prison yard brawl when keys, scissors & a chair were used as weapons. (What, no one had a…