Video of Kim Kardashian Seducing Jeremy Lin as Tim Tebow Watches

Yes, find you read that right: the most talented of the Kardashian sisters (and that’s not saying much) has made her way back to New York (that went so well last time) to land herself another star basketball player: the Knick’s Jeremy Lin. But good-guy Tim Tebow–now with the Jets–is there to save his soul.  What? It’s not real? It’s a parody video? But they look so much like the…

April 4, 2012

Painful Sports Video: Hurdle Double Fail

Do they still run the steeplechase event in track? Apparently, malady because this guy jumps a large hurdle, and misses, thumb and lands in a large puddle of water. Not too unusual for the steeplechase, but what happens next is. Watch it and see why it’s today’s Painful Sports Video! Hurdle Double Fail – Watch More Funny Videos

March 29, 2012

Video: Devils and Rangers Start Game With Fights – March 19, 2012

And the NHL wonders why it can’t attract a wider audience. Look, no rx you can argue that fighting is part of the sport until you’re blue in the face, advice but only a limited audience really want to see this kind of activity on a regular basis. You fight in basketball, you get ejected. You fight in baseball, you get ejected. You fight in football, you get ejected. You…

March 21, 2012

Video: Geezer Golfers Get Revenge on Prank Playing Teens w. Airhorns

According to police reports, salve Ronald E. Richardson and Donald E. Nieto (both 71) were enjoying a leisurely round of golf at the Shalimar Pointe Country Club (FLA) Saturday afternoon when a group of local teens decided to play a prank on them. And videotape it.(below) The boys hid just outside the course near the ninth hole and waited until just the right time to set off an air horn….

March 4, 2012

Video: Brawl at End of Lazarte vs. Casimero Boxing Match

Does boxing have any dignity left? Should the goons in charge just lift the “winner’s” hand up before the match begins so they know who is going to win despite the actual activity in the ring? The fans at this bout thought the outcome was less than accurate and when the first chair flew into the ring . . .

February 13, 2012