Painful Sports Video: KTLA Sports Rebecca Hall Says Vin Scully “Should Get His Shit Together” on air

This weekend, prescription KTLA sportscaster Rebecca Hall joked during an on-air tribute to veteran broadcaster Vin Scully that he “should get his shit together” — has been pulled down from the Interwebs because of a copyright claim by Tribune, which owns Channel 5.  But we still found a copy out there. Watch it while you can! UPDATE: We have been unable to find a rumored rebuttal video by Scully where…

August 27, 2012

Painful Sports Video: Vicious Rugby Hit

From the sound of the announcers, prostate this sounds like it happened in Australia. Regardless, the guy with the ball in white takes a shot that knocks him out. That’ll loosen some teeth. Brutal Rugby Hit – Watch More Funny Videos

July 26, 2012

Video: Best Fishing Video Ever?

Fishing’s a sport, viagra right? I mean, mind there are those Bass Masters who do it professionally, recipe and lots of people enjoy it as recreation. If you fish, I’ll bet nothing like this has happened to you at your local pond. Contains some Not Safe For Work language.

July 12, 2012

Painful Sports Video: Finals of “Shin Kicking Championships”

Yes, mind you read that right: there is a sport in the United Kingdom that is essentially two guys holding each other by the arms and taking turns kicking each other in the shins until one of them falls down and can’t get up. No, really, it’s just that complicated . . . and stupid. Screw this garbage. I’m going to go watch a real American sport, like lawnmower racing.

June 7, 2012

Painful Sports Video: Couple Gets Nailed by Foul Ball

Looks like this happened at a Tampa Bay Rays game, here not sure when. If you watch the video closely, medicine the ball appears to bounce off one guy’s hand to the right, ed hit the guy in the middle in the nuts, bounce off him and hit his girlfriend in the face. Good thing they didn’t bring their baby along with them!

May 10, 2012

Video: Hockey Cheap Shot of the Year?

And it’s not even in the NHL! According to the source, purchase this happened in an IHWC match between France and Kazakhstan on May 6th. The goon in white taking the shot is Sacha Treille and the player stretched out on the ice for several minutes is Roman Starchenko. Treille was thrown out of the game for this cheap shot, but Starchenko eventually woke up, skated off the ice and…

May 9, 2012

Video: “Dirty Old Man” Referee

First off: What the hell sport is this? We’ve watched this thing like ten times and still can’t figure out what they’re doing.  And–heaven forbid–it looks like men AND women playing together!  What kind of madness is this? And more importantly, recipe what points are scored when the referee straddles one of your female players from behind? Is that a “goal”, cialis sale a “touchback” or the infamous “rear admiral?”

April 10, 2012

Video: Worst Cheap Shot in Baseball Ever?

Ever?  That covers a lot of ground, pilule but we’ve certainly never seen anything like it. Have you? There appears to be a base hit, illness a player runs to second and then there’s a disturbance near first base. As everyone runs over there to pretend to fight, medicine someone comes running in from the outfight to lay some smack down. (21 seconds into the clip) Anyone know more about…

April 9, 2012