Video: How to Get Ejected From a Rugby Match

September 23, 2015

It’s hard to tell what’s going in real time during this rugby match between St Helens Vs Wigan (and rugby always looks like an organized brawl anyway) but wait until about 1 minute in for the most obvious breech of the rules in pretty much any sport but boxing. And yes, someone was ejected for it.


Video: Sprinter Usain Bolt Runover by Chinese Cameraman on Segway

August 31, 2015

What was that cameraman thinking! Apparently, about getting the shot and not worried about permanently disabling one of the greatest sprinters of all time! The incident happened last week at the at the World Championships in Beijing with Bolt getting a victory in the men’s 200 meters. Later Bolt received a bracelet from the cameraman as a way of saying “Sorry for nearly cutting off your legs. Here is some…


Video: De’Andre Johnson FSU Quarterback Punching Woman In The Face

July 8, 2015

Florida State University dismissed freshman quarterback De’Andre Johnson from their football team after video footage released earlier this week showed him punching a woman in the face at a bar in Tallahassee last month. The action begins about 20 seconds in. Don’t you just wonder what the woman said to him right before he punched her?


Video: Head to Head Contact in Australian Rules Football Leads to Dual Knockout

May 18, 2015

We still consider this the most dangerous sport in the world . . . and loads of fun to watch! The original title for this video was “Nick Riewoldt head clash with Brodie Smith” which means nothing to us except these two guys probably wish they played a sport that required helmets. Here.s more from the YouTube description: Nick Riewoldt knocked out in head clash with Brodie Smith at the…


Video: Time Of My Life — Cavs Playoff Skit

May 12, 2015

Was this playoff skit by the Cleveland Cavaliers funny or sick? In it,   a man is seen battering his girlfriend for being a Bulls fan, then her becoming a Cavs fan as a result of the abuse, at their last home game. Domestic violence is funny, right? I think the NBA needs to have a talk with the NFL about that one.


Video: Soccer Goalkeeper Knocked Out by Shot to the Head

March 10, 2015

Surprised this doesn’t happen more often in soccer.  Opposing player is close to the goal, takes a shot and nails the goalkeeper in the head with the ball. What’s the concussion protocol in this league? Here’s more from the YouTube Description: Poor old Lukas Kruse. His side lost 3-0 at home to Leverkusen and he got wiped out by Kiessling’s thunderous effort. It wasn’t a great afternoon for Paderborn’s keeper…


Video: Unbelievable Body Slam In a Soccer Game – Worcester City Vs Stockport County

February 24, 2015

Well, technically “over there” it would be a “football” game, but if I had put football in the title you would have thought it was an American football game where body slams are much more common and then not clicked on the link to watch the video, right? So, apparently this happened over the weekend in a game between Worcester City and Stockport County. We’re assuming there has always been…