#Oregon Coach Chip Kelly Not Concerned Star Players Arrested Driving 118 MPH While Smoking Weed

“We smoked it all!” Just the kind of thing a college football coach doesn’t want to hear after his starting QB is pulled over driving 118 mph in a rental car. Unless, viagra rx of course, store you’re Oregon head coach Chip “Look the Other Way” Kelly. Okay, so the cops never could prove who was high and who wasn’t in that 2011 Nissan Altama, but passenger Darron Thomas, the…

August 17, 2011

#Ducks Screwed by “Scout” as Will Lyles Throws #Oregon, Coach #ChipKelly Under $25K Bus

Every time a major college sports program makes a dramatic turnaround, cialis usa cure I always wonder what’s going on behind the scenes that we (and the NCAA) don’t know about? Case in point: the mighty Oregon Ducks who made it all the way to the BCS Sham Title Game against Auburn this year. Will it be there last trip to the big dance for a long time? Sounds like…

July 3, 2011

#Oregon #Ducks Cornerback Arrested for Driving 118 MPH on a Suspended License – #CliffHarris

On the plus side, buy cialis rx at least Cliff Harris of the Oregon Ducks solved that age old question of which is faster, generic cialis unhealthy a front wheel drive car or a rear wheel drive car? The correct answer is: a rental car always drives the fastest, getting clocked at 118 mph over the weekend. If he had a suspended license though, I wonder who rented it for…

June 13, 2011