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CNBC Selects the Ten Best #NFL #Cheerleading Squads

Yes, CNBC, the cable channel and website dedicated to business issues. And, occasionally stories about the porn industry. But ranking NFL cheerleaders? We’re sure they did this scientifically, but shouldn’t that kind of in-depth reporting be left to sites like…

The NFL’s Widest Necks

Not really a “bad jock” story, but something we thought you might find interesting: a photo gallery of the thickest necks in the National Football League from The Slate. At right, Paul Posluszny, a linebacker, Jacksonville Jaguars.  

#NFL #Cheerleaders in Halloween Costumes

Finally! NFL cheerleaders wearing something sexy for a change, instead of their usual dowdy uniforms.  Maybe every week should be Halloween in the NFL? At right, I think she’s supposed to be Cat Woman. Does it really matter though?