Bears DB Tim Jennings Arrested for DUI, Claims He Wasn’t Drinking

Tim Jennings mug shot - dui arrest
January 8, 2015

Okay,so here’s the thing. If you’re doing 99 mph in a 65 zone and the cops pull you over (even if you’re just late trying to get to your kid’s parent-teacher conference at noon on a Wednesday) they arrest you for speeding. If they smell booze on your breath or otherwise think you’ve been drinking, they do a roadside sobriety test (you know, the one where you touch your nose…


Josh Gordon Showing No Ill-Effects from 10 Game Suspension

josh gordon of the Cleveland browns
December 3, 2014

Maybe marijuana doesn’t slow you down after all. Josh Gordon has been back to his usual on-field self in two games back for the Cleveland Browns, after missing the team’s (surprisingly successful) first ten for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy. Gordon has been targeted a ridiculous 29 times through two games, catching 15 balls for 195 yards. Though he has not quite returned to his 18.9 yards per catch…


What We Learned from the NFL’s Disciplinary Policy: Better to Hurt Yourself Than to Hurt Others

Vikings Helment
November 19, 2014

For those sports fans watching closely this week it was a momentous time for the National Football League’s vaunted Personal Conduct Policy:  running back Adrian Peterson was suspended for the rest of the season after pleading guilty to whooping (the term the former Viking used) his four-year-old son while wide receiver Josh Gordon, possibly the most famous stoner since Cheech and Chong, returned after serving a 10 game suspension. Before I…


TMZ – Jonathan Dwyer Arrest — TWO SEPARATE INCIDENTS … ‘Causing a Fracture’

September 17, 2014

According to our friends at TMZ, another NFL football player has been involved in a domestic violence incident. This time it’s Arizona Cardinals running back Jonathan Dwyer. Here’s more from the TMZ story: Arizona Cardinals running back Jonathan Dwyer is suspected of assaulting his wife in TWO separate incidents … and is accused of breaking bones … cops tell TMZ Sports. According to police, the 25-year-old allegedly roughed up his…


Video: Madden 15 Ultimate Team Tiny Player Glitch – 14 Inch Titans Linebacker?

Video: Madden 15 Ultimate Team Tiny Player Glitch – 14 Inch Titans Linebacker?
September 2, 2014

Who says you have to be huge to play in the NFL? This guy is only 14 inches tall! Here’s more from the YouTube description: Hey guys, Shake4ndbake here today we bring you guys some Madden 15 Ultimate Team, I was able to get Madden 15 early and now am gonna be bringing a bunch of Madden 15 Ultimate team videos and more! Stick around by subscribing, I’ll be doing…


The NFL Expectation Game: Fantasy vs Reality

football on the field at NFL stadium
August 20, 2014

The 2014 National Football League season is just around the corner and already the Expectation Game is in full swing. Football fans are well aware of the expectation game and how it’s played: each season you either get your hopes up for something great (and get disappointed) or aren’t expecting much and get pleasantly surprised. For example: Denver Broncos quarterback (and future Hall of Famer) Peyton Manning threw 55 touchdown…


Video: Johnny Manziel flips off the Washington bench

It’s not the worst thing the young Cleveland Browns quarterback is likely to ever do, but something that is not going to improve his “stature” in the NFL. Details from the Sporting News: Johnny Manziel is famous for his “money” finger symbol, but Monday night in Washington Mr. Football decided to show the Redskins bench another kind of hand sign. Manziel clearly gave the Washington bench the finger. After a…

August 19, 2014