The Real DeflateGate Legacy: An Asterisk Next to the “Patriots Era”

January 25, 2015

Major League Baseball will always have to live with the asterisk next to the stats bulked-up players compiled during the “steroid era.” Now the National Football League will have to live with any records set during the “Patriots Era” lasting from about 2002 until at least 2015 . . . maybe longer. My proof? Well, first you should read the book SpyGate by Bryan O’Leary to get a bit of…


YardBarker – Report: NFL tried to catch Patriots in the act

NFL logo
January 25, 2015

And the DeflateGate story just keeps getting better. Just a day after Bill “Read My Lips” Belichick claimed the Patriots followed all NFL rules (we’re surprised he wasn’t struck by lighting) there are reports that the NFL was actually trying to catch New England cheating! Here’s more on the story from YardBarker: Believe it or not, the outrage surrounding Deflategate will eventually fizzle out. And when it does, no one…


Video: New England Patriots Cialis Commercial Parody (For Deflated-Balls)

January 23, 2015

You know DeflateGate has jumped the shark when . . . Here’s more from the YouTube description: Parody of the Cialis commercials featuring the New England Patriots and their deflated balls. You’re headed to the Super Bowl, but your game still feels a little bit flat. Cialis Inflate-a-Ball helps the Patriots avoid hefty fines and loss of draft picks by giving their balls that extra pump for the big game.


Deflategate Tweets From Today

Jets Cheerleader Calendar preview
January 22, 2015

Not sure how many of you also follow me on Twitter, but I had a field day today posting one tweet after another about Inflategate. (Or, as I later found out on CNN, what everyone else is calling DEFLATEgate. Great. Here are a couple of my favorites. They make more sense if you start at the beginning of the day. BREAKING #INFLATEGATE NEWS: Source: #Patriots owner #RobertKraft claims New England…


Video: Mom Interviews Her Devastated Little Packers Fan

January 20, 2015

On her YouTube channel, ambulance Kierra Yarbrough posted a video Sunday of an interview she conducted with her six-year-old son–a huge Green Bay Packers fan–after their loss to the Seahawks. Let’s just say, this little guy wasn’t the only one crying after the Pack gave the game away in the fourth quarter. Here’s more from Yarbrough’s description: I started recording this video after the Packers lost the NFC Championship against…


Reports: NFL looking into whether Patriots deflated balls against Colts

January 19, 2015

It’s this kind of stuff New England. People genuinely like Tom Brady, but it always seems like the Patriots are willing to bend–or even break–the rules to give themselves an unfair advantage, especially at home.  Last week again the Ravens it was illegal formations. This week, under-inflated balls. Here’s more from Fox Sports: A New England Patriots playoff win wouldn’t be complete without some sort of controversy. Last Sunday, it was…


Bears DB Tim Jennings Arrested for DUI, Claims He Wasn’t Drinking

January 8, 2015

Okay, so here’s the thing. If you’re doing 99 mph in a 65 zone and the cops pull you over (even if you’re just late trying to get to your kid’s parent-teacher conference at noon on a Wednesday) they arrest you for speeding. If they smell booze on your breath or otherwise think you’ve been drinking, they do a roadside sobriety test (you know, the one where you touch your…