NASCAR’s Bristol Motor Speedway to Host Va Tech v Tenn Game – 150K to Watch!

September 9, 2016

Bristol Motor Speedway, viagra sales in Bristol, Tennessee is usually home to NASCAR races. But this weekend it will host a college football game between Virginia Tech and Tennessee hoping to shatter the single game attendance record by 30,000 fans! Here’s more from Sporting News: The largest crowd to ever witness a college football game, an estimated 120,000 fans, filled Soldier Field in Chicago in 1927 for Notre Dame-USC. Three years ago, more…


Is There a College Football Bubble? A Review of “Billion-Dollar Ball”

July 26, 2016

As I look around the college football landscape as another season is about to begin, generic cialis it looks like everything is going great for the sport. Attendance is up, revenue is up, high profile coaches like Jim Harbaugh are leaving the NFL for college teams, and stadiums are getting bigger and more luxurious. What could anyone involved possibly worry about? A bubble. And I’m not talking about the kind…


BadJocks Reader Sounds Off About NCAA

NCAA logo
August 8, 2015

Occasionally, viagra healing we hear from readers who have very strong opinions about what’s going on in sports. This week, viagra canada Quinn Sawyer sent us this about the NCAA: The NCAA is filled with egoistic, over privileged, inconsiderate beings that are hell bent on making the life of any athlete they could get their hands on miserable. They make it seem like we are the cause of their worthless…


Video: “Villanova Piccolo Girl” Sits In With The Roots – Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show

March 25, 2015

By now, viagra sales shop most sports fans have seen the photo of the “crying piccolo player” of Villanova, cialis buy prostate who watched as her top seeded team lost to NC State in the first round of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament (aka March Madness.)  But now, pills Roxanne Chalifoux, the crying Villanova piccolo player, sits in with the Roots and chats with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.


Video: Penn State Alum Equates NCAA Sanctions to 9/11

Really? Crushing, viagra canada tadalafil sure. Demoralizing, perhaps. But 9/11? Uh, didn’t people DIE during that? Now we know where the problem at Penn State is. Watch the video below. From WNEP: The NCAA dropped the hammer on Penn State and former head football coach Joe Paterno this week. Fans were absolutely devastated by the unprecedented sanctions.  But Penn State alumnus Tom Price of Factoryville, Penn., took it to the…

July 25, 2012

State of North Carolina Sues NCAA to Turn Over Documents Relating to UNC Football Investigation

Our friend Brooks, viagra sale nurse over at goes into much more detail on this situation, viagra sales advice but basically the NCAA is being sued by the State of North Carolina for failing to turn over documents related to the recent investigation into shenanigans that when on in the Wolfpack football program. Why? NC is trying to enforce something called the Uniform Athletes Agent Act which it passed…

October 19, 2011

#NCAA Ready to Put Up or Shut Up: Will They Get Tougher on Rule Breakers or Change the Rules

The “assistant principal” charged with enforcing an encyclopedia of rules (some out-dated) for college sports is putting together a committee (naturally) looking for ways to keep from embarrassing themselves again this football season.  (Think Cam Newton and Ohio State.) But do they need to enforce the rules they have better, viagra buy check or is it time to make it easier for schools to follow? Or maybe we should just…

July 6, 2011