#Alabama to #NCAA: We Broke Secondary Rules 44 Times – Sorry!

The #Tide administration is saying their athletic programs (including Nick Saban’s football team) violated what are known as “secondary” (minor) violations more than 40 times from July 1, 2009 through July 1, buy 2011. Among the list of sins are “impermissible transportation, entertainment, meals and lodging during two trips” and a player receiving “impermissible benefits” from an agent and “preferential treatment based on (his) status as a student-athlete.

July 5, 2011

#Ducks Screwed by “Scout” as Will Lyles Throws #Oregon, Coach #ChipKelly Under $25K Bus

Every time a major college sports program makes a dramatic turnaround, I always wonder what’s going on behind the scenes that we (and the NCAA) don’t know about? Case in point: the mighty Oregon Ducks who made it all the way to the BCS Sham Title Game against Auburn this year. Will it be there last trip to the big dance for a long time? Sounds like a “scout” got…

July 3, 2011

Question of the Day: Are There Any Clean Programs Out There?

The Wall Street Journal says the only “major” schools never to have a major NCAA rules violation are Penn State, Stanford, Boston College and Northwestern. Are these four clean, or have they just not been caught yet?  Is it possible to run a truly “clean” sports program anymore? Join the discussion on our Facebook page.

June 29, 2011