Naked Female Water Jocks + National Lottery = Controversy

March 18, 2011

Recently, the folks at the UK’s Daily Mail decided to do something to help promote that country’s female Olympic “water” athletes and had a dozen of them show up at a local pool to be photographed underwater . . . naked.  But, of course, not the usual “Why did I post that on Facebook?” nudes. These are the kind of nude shots where young ladies either cover up their naughty…


Nine Network’s Latest News on Nixon’s Nexus with Nude Photos of Two Nicks

March 7, 2011

Nixon No Longer AFL Agent After Teen Alleges Acquaintance Huh? If you follow Australian sports, you know what this tongue-twisting headline is all about. If not, then you probably saw the ‘nude photos’ part, and thought you better investigate. The seventeen year-old girl who released nude photos of Nick Riewoldt and Nick Dal Santo of the St. Kilda Australian Rules football team now claims she had sex with their agent, Ricky…


Boy, 16, Caught by Security Cameras Using Cell Phone Camera to Record Gymnasts in Locker Room

Ah, the wonders of technology. Years ago, if this punk had wanted pictures or video of underage girls changing clothes in the locker room, he would have needed a large box or bag of some sort to hid the rather bulky equipment needed to do so. But not today. Today all you need is a little bit of guts and a small digital camera, IPod or cell phone and you…

March 2, 2011