Naked Jocks Grace ESPN The Magazine’s “Body Issue”

Ever wanted to see the Patriots Rob Gronkowski naked? Too bad.  If you want to see the lovely ladies of the US Olympic Volleyball Team wearing nothing, you also have to see some naked male jocks as well. Makes it sort of “balanced”, we suppose. If you haven’t already seen the photos, you can check them out at ESPN here.  Are they Safe For Work? Probably not, even though everyone’s…

July 11, 2012

New Approach: Bowling Coach Asks Teen to Send Him Naked Pictures, Claims It Helps With His Game – Michael Nearhoof

We’re going to have to defer to BadJocks readers who bowl: how, exactly, does having naked pictures of teenaged girls on your cell phone help you bowl better? We’re not trying to say we understand all the nuances of knocking down the 10 pins, but would they really take the place of say, practicing? Or a new ball? We’re confused that anyone would come up with this con game, much…

April 27, 2012

High School Basketball Player Booted From Team for Recording #Naked Teammate w. Cell Phone, Sending it Around

Gavont Baker mugh shot
February 28, 2012

You knew this was going to happen at some point, didn’t you? With young people using cell phones to record every moment of their lives these days, eventually someone was going to bring one into the locker room shower and capture stills or video of someone naked. And, as bad as that would be, you know the next move is going to be to send it to all their friends….


Photo of Real Madrid Soccer Player & Girlfriend on #GQ Cover Gets Journalists Arrested – Sami Khedira

Sami Khedira on cover of GQ with naked model girlfriend
February 22, 2012

Don’t republish this photo. Not unless you want to get arrested and spend five years in jail for “offending public morality.”  Oh, and you work for a news organization in a country ruled by strict Islamic law. The photo, of Real Madrid soccer star Sami Khedira and his mostly naked hot blond model girlfriend (how many times do you get to use that phrase in a sentence?), Lena Gercke, on…


High School Football #Coach Resigns After Posting Nude Photo of Himself on #Facebook – Paul Withee

This usually happens to high school jocks, not high school coaches. This time though, an adult who should have known better is the one caught by social media mania. Paul Withee, football coach at Oxford Hills (Maine) resigned this week after the picture appeared on his personal Facebook page. Withee claims the naked photo was intended for his girlfriend, but it ended up on his public page instead. Oops! The…

February 14, 2012

Cheer Coach Accused of “Impairing the Morals of a Minor”

“Impairing the morals of a minor?” Based on what we’ve been reading lately, a lot of minors already have impaired  morals. That’s not to say that what cheerleading coach Manuel Batson (CT) did was right, but it does make you think that we need to come up with new laws to cover today’s sex-filled environment? Basically, Batson is accused of sending naked pictures of himself in exchange for getting naked…

December 19, 2011

Lingerie Football League Players Strip Naked for PETA

Lingerie Football League players pose naked for PETA
December 13, 2011

And you thought the ladies of the Lingerie Football League played in skimpy uniforms! Just take a look at how little they had on in support of PETA. Click link below for larger images from the photo shoot. PETA have a new weapon in their war on animal cruelty – beautiful, scantily-clad women.  Ladies who play in the Lingerie Football League have joined forces with the animal welfare group for…


Coming to a Website Near You: Naked Sex Romp Pics of X-Games Star Shaun White – TMZ

Does this mean TMZ has the pictures, or was just offered them and couldn’t afford them? Either way, we don’t want to see naked pictures of Shaun White, but apparently someone does. Here’s more from TMZ: A butt naked Shaun White smiled for the camera … while messing around on a bed with a hot naked lady back in 2009 … and now the X-rated photos are being shopped around…

December 6, 2011

#Bethany College Men’s Golfers Suspended After Posting Naked on Facebook

August 26, 2011

From our “Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time!” files. Okay, so maybe the guys on the UCLA men’s golf team posted a picture of themselves naked with some strategically placed golf equipment. Does that mean it’s a good idea for the guys on the team at tiny Bethany College, a Lutheran school based in Lindbog, Kansas? Probably not . . . especially when it’s posted publicly on Facebook….


#NASCAR Fires #MissSprintCup,#PaigeDuke, Over Leaked Naked Pictures

We’re not even sure what a Miss Sprint Cup is (probably NASCAR’s version of a football cheerleader) but Paige Duke, 24, lost her job as one of them after an ex-boyfriend leaked (oops my bad!) a series of naked pictures of her taken when she was only 18. Link goes to censored versions of the pic (with NASCAR logos covering the naughty bits) but it does include a link to…

July 11, 2011

HS Coach Sex Scandal of the Year? Wife Find Hubby in Bed With Underage Girl, Snaps Pictures and Takes Them to Cops

Middle School coach Joel Huddleston's mug shot
May 10, 2011

It’s not often anymore that we get the juicy details of High School Coach Sex Scandals. Usually, between the cops and the news outlets, most of the interesting details have been washed out and you basically have “coach had inappropriate relationship with teen” report. Bor-ring! But not this time. This time we have the wife of a middle school teacher/coach/youth pastor coming home–apparently unexpectedly–to find her husband asleep in their…


New Zealand Youth Soccer Coach Accused of Sending Picture of His Junk to Player’s Mom

April 19, 2011

On what planet does this ever really work? Heck, it didn’t even work for arguably one of the greatest professional football players of all time, Brett Favre, why would you think it would work for you, Mr. New Zealand Youth Soccer Coach? Here are the basics of the story: Steve Cain, 52, coached New Zealand’s under-17 World Cup boy’s soccer team. The mother of one of his players allegedly started…