Meanwhile, Over at Webcam Hottie Privacy Fail Viral Video

Stripping webcam hottie privacy fail as curtain falls
April 6, 2011

In what is turning out to be a surprisingly popular video, a hot blond appears to be doing her best little dance in her underwear (that’s as far as it goes) for a webcam, when the blanket over the window behind her falls down and to guys working outside get a better coffee break than either of them bargained for. Yes, a lot of people are telling us it’s fake…


Video: UK Soccer Player Given Red Card for . . . Tackling Streaker?

UK soccer player tackles streaker, gets red card - video
March 9, 2011

First off, right up until the end, this is the most boring streaker video we have ever seen. They guy runs out with some kind of Afro wig on and then no one chases him. And when security does start to close in, they don’t seem real interested in tackling his naked behind. (Would you?) Finally, a soccer player on the yellow team takes matters into his own hands and…


Germany Crowns ‘Naked Sledging World Champion’

February 23, 2011

UPDATE: There is now a Not Safe For Work video of this event, if the pictures at the Metro site aren’t enough for you. PerthNow EARLIER: Okay, first off, we must warn you that the link below to the actual story at the UK’s Metro website is Not Safe For Work. Let us repeat: this is not like an American newspaper where they will blur a model’s cleavage on the…


Just 4 Players Brawling, 1 Coach Stripping to his Knickers and Screaming, That’s All

February 22, 2011

What is it? Why, it’s Hockey, of course! Hockey is already an entertaining sport, but then you have fights breaking out, fans banging on the glass, and coaches taking off their clothes and throwing them piece by piece onto the ice while screaming at the top of their lungs. Well, not that last one so much. Last Friday night, though, Colorado Eagles assistant coach Greg Pankiewicz made sure to complete…