Painful Sports Video: Couple Gets Nailed by Foul Ball

Looks like this happened at a Tampa Bay Rays game, generic viagra here not sure when. If you watch the video closely, medicine the ball appears to bounce off one guy’s hand to the right, ed hit the guy in the middle in the nuts, bounce off him and hit his girlfriend in the face. Good thing they didn’t bring their baby along with them!

May 10, 2012

Video: “Country Boy” Streaker Slides Into Home, Gets Tackled by Umpire

It’s only the end of April, sildenafil viagra but the MLB streakers are already at mid-season form. From the YouTube description: During the traditional playing of John Denver’s ” Thank God I’m a Country Boy” in the 7th inning stretch of the Orioles game on April 27, viagra generic fans cheered as a shirtless fan dodged police all over the ballfield at Camden Yards. Umpire Jeff Kellogg finally managed the…

April 30, 2012
Read More >> The Website That’s All About the Dodger Owner Bankruptcy

Got this email from the guys at, cialis site the website that is selling apparel for Dodger fans who hate what’s happening to their team: It’s been less than a month since the launch of FRANKRUPT, generic viagra check apparel for the fed-up Dodger fan. Since our inception, we’ve experienced over 14,000 hits to¬†, enjoyed a very successful run of online shirt sales, been tweeted by celebrities such as…

July 25, 2011