Can the Chicago Cubs Repeat as World Series Champion?

May 1, 2017

As most sports fans know, 2016 was a magical season for the Chicago Cubs, ending in a crucial Game 7 win over the Cleveland Indians to grab their first World Series win in 108 years! So, now the Curse of the Billy Goat has been lifted, the weight is off their shoulders (and the shoulders of every long suffering Cubs fan!) … so now what? What happens in 2017? Winning…


The Real Question: Who Took the Fun OUT of Baseball?

June 1, 2016

Earlier this year, Washington Nationals slugger Bryce Harper wore a hat that read “Make Baseball Fun Again” and proceeded to explain that his mission this season was to do just that: bring fun back to Major League Baseball.  And, as laudable as that is, the real question was never asked: who took the fun OUT of baseball to begin with? In the wake of Harper’s announcement, sports pundits seemed to agree that…


Video: Fan at Dodgers Game Films Himself Catching Homerun Ball!

May 26, 2015

Talk about concentration! This guy know on YouTube as DodgerFilms is shooting a video from the stand with his buddies when a homerun ball comes his way. Not only does he manage to catch it, but he also records himself catching that. Unfortunately, you have to wade through about 2 and a half minutes worth of footage to get to it (fast forward to about 2:40 for the catch if…


Video: White Sox/Royals Brawl Results in Six Suspensions from MLB

April 28, 2015

Baseball season is just underway, but the players are already in mid-season form . . . well, at least when it comes to brawling. Video of the brawl last week between the Chicago White Sox and Kansas City Royals, but first some details on the suspensions from USA Today: Major League Baseball came down hard on the Kansas City Royals and Chicago White Sox, suspending six players and fining a…


Video from TMZ: Baltimore Orioles Mascot — PUNCHED IN THE NUTS … Mascot Fights Back

Why do people think they can do just about anything to a mascot and get away with it? Case in point, the Baltimore Orioles Mascot. Here’s more from TMZ (watch video at the link.) Another ferocious assault involving a Baltimore superstar … the Orioles mascot … who got HIT IN THE BALLS by a dumbass fan AND FOUGHT BACK … and TMZ Sports has the footage. Our MLB sources tell us…

September 22, 2014

Video: Jeff Francoeur’s Triple-A Teammates Successfully Prank Him . . . AGAIN!

July 29, 2014

What’s the old saying? “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” Here’s more on the story from NESN: Outfielder-turned-pitcher Jeff Francoeur was reportedly called up by the San Diego Padres on Tuesday, and while that’s great news for his career, that unfortunately means the end of his minor-league teammates pranking him. Thankfully, though, the El Paso Chihuahuas got one more prank in before Francoeur was…


Video: “Nice Going Boyfriend!” – Guys Jumps Out of Way and Lets Home Run Ball Hit Girlfriend in Face

April 4, 2013

No one WANTS to get hit by a baseball at a Major League Baseball game . . . but it happens. Usually it’s one of those nasty line drives that you don’t have time to get out of the way of. But this time, it was a home run ball during the Cardinals-Diamondbacks game yesterday. And yes, it did hit a young woman in the face, but only after her boyfriend bravely…


Video: Cubs Fan Ejected From Game After Making “Inappropriate Gestures” Behind Home Plate

September 20, 2012

Apparently this happened after a lengthy rain delay at Wrigley Field on September 18 in a MLB game between the Pirates and the Cubs.  Here’s more from  Taking advantage of what we imagine was lax ninth-inning security, this gentleman found his way right behind home plate and spent most of the final stanza engaged in all manner of obscene face-making—even getting himself into Comcast SportsNet Chicago’s slow-motion replays. Eventually security came and…