#Swimming Coach Accused of Hidding Camera in #GirlsLockerRoom – Jonathan Aikins

Not a lot of details on this story yet, but the coach is accused of placing a camera in a locker room at Norwich High School (NY) which allegedly made some recordings while students were in there. Likely a research project for the Discovery Channel, right? (Thanks to reader Jeff C. for the tip on the story. Send your tips to BadJocks at Yahoo.com.)

June 6, 2011

Man Faces a Retro-Active Felony After 9th Unauthorized Visit to the Girls Locker Room!

Mug shot of Locker Room Peeper Brian Lee
April 14, 2011

Normally we, here at Bad Jocks and The Dumbass Daily, would give no recognition to some sick piece of crap that preys on kids. They are all dumbasses, but rarely worthy of recognition. In the case of Brian Richard Lee, however, we will make an exception. Why? Because this is the 9th… That’s right, the 9th time he has been arrested for lewd behavior in a girl’s locker room! That’s…


Boy, 16, Caught by Security Cameras Using Cell Phone Camera to Record Gymnasts in Locker Room

Ah, the wonders of technology. Years ago, if this punk had wanted pictures or video of underage girls changing clothes in the locker room, he would have needed a large box or bag of some sort to hid the rather bulky equipment needed to do so. But not today. Today all you need is a little bit of guts and a small digital camera, IPod or cell phone and you…

March 2, 2011