Video: Parents Brawl After Georgia Little League Game

July 10, 2012

Maybe it was the heat. Maybe it was the loud music one of the parents was playing as part of a post-game ritual (?) or maybe there was some booze involved. Who knows for sure? All we do know is a couple of dads went at it Friday night following a game between the Northern Little League and Harris County All-Stars Columbus, Ga.  Police eventually arrested Iram King, 36, asked…


Columnist: Stop Televising the Little League World Series!

I agree with LA Times columnist Bill Plaschkle: whoever thought it was a good idea to televise every game of the Little League World Series knows nothing about children. And while we’re at it: what other sport are we mesmerized about who the best 12-year-olds in the world are? Answer: none. (Other than those illegal Chinese gymnasts, and even then, they were supposed to be 16.). Here’s a little from…

August 15, 2011

Parents Brawl Following “Bad Officiating” During Little League Game for 7 & 8-Year-Olds

According to reports, either 50 people or 20 people were involved in a brawl following a Little League game in Maryland last week. Eventually things got so bad that cops from three different jurisdictions were dispatched, and Maryland State Trooper showed up for good measure. It all started, as these things usually do, with parents upset with the officiating during the game involving seven and eight-year-old players. Some parents also…

August 10, 2011

Latest #LittleLeague Scandal: Players from #Ugandan Team Had Fake Birth Certificates

It was the feel good story of the annual Little League World Series Tournament: a rag-tag bunch of kids from dirt poor Uganda made it into the final round of 16 after beating those snooty rich kids from Saudi Arabia.  Unfortunately, they were denied visas to come to the USA to play after there were “discrepancies” in their birth documents, most notably that they were older than some parents claimed….

July 31, 2011

#LittleLeague Coach Arrested for OUI With Player, 9, in Car Screaming

It’s probably every parent’s worst nightmare: you turn your little one over to another adult who’s supposed to take care of them . . . and instead, turns out to be drinking and driving. Like scene from a bad Charlie Sheen video, the Little League coach was drinking from little airplane bottles of booze on the road trip with his player, 9, before stopping at a liquor store along the…

July 12, 2011

Former #Little League Treasurer Sent to Jail for #Embezzling $57K From League, $1.7 Million From Other Clients

They say if you’re gonna go, might as well go big. William L. McKernan III, 45, of Whitpain, PA was sentenced to 11½ to 23 months in the county prison plus a five year probation for stealing nearly two MILLION dollars from all of his other clients. Where did the cash go? According to cops, the list includes: . . . membership to the Union League, tuition bills for private…

June 3, 2011

Little League Treasurer Accused of Stealing $100G From League

May 9, 2011

$100, 000 gone just like that and no one noticed? And the real question is: how did they get so much money anyway? Details from The New City Little League’s treasurer has been charged with stealing at least $100, 000 from the nonprofit organization, becoming the second Rockland league treasurer in less than two years to face larceny charges. Joyce Bidnick, 58, of 11 Mark Drive, New City, was…