BuzzFeed: Some People Still Don’t Understand What Joe Paterno Did Wrong

July 24, 2012

What do you get when you combine the Tweet of anfy Penn State fans following the NCAA’s announcement of sanctions against the university with sections from the Freeh Report on what actually happened? A great article by our friends at that shows just how out-of-touch the Paterno apologists are. WARNING: Some of the Tweets contain Not Safe For Work language and stupidity.  Here’s one of my favorite Tweets: “Seriously…


Penn State Pounding

For Penn State students, viagra sales capsule alum, viagra sale and fans who were holding their breaths this weekend awaiting word on what the NCAA will do to the football program there is good news: the Nittany Lions will not face the death penalty. The bad news? They may wish they had. According to sources, thumb the NCAA will likely announce today some blistering punishments including the loss of scholarships,…

July 23, 2012

More Trouble for Penn State: The Woman Who Stood Up to Joe Paterno

I remember reading about Vicky Triponey a few years back when she was a vice president at PSU who oversaw student discipline. Or at least the discipline of some of the students. When it came to Paterno’s football players, buy cialis mind he reportedly thought only he knew best how to punish his boys and wanted Triponey to stay out of it.  She was told it was just the “the…

July 18, 2012

Report on Penn State & the Sandusky Scandal to be Released at 9 AM Today

Will today be a new beginning for Penn State’s football program, cialis sales buy viagra or the beginning of the end? From The team brought in by Penn State to investigate “the facts and circumstances of the actions” at the university surrounding molestation of boys by former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky will release its highly anticipated report today, buy with the school’s reputation and future direction hanging in the…

July 12, 2012

Really? Company Puts Out Penn State Killed JoePa T-Shirts

Penn State Killed JoePa t-shirt
January 24, 2012

Really? Is this what Penn State fans and alum really believe? And, viagra buy illness if you’re gonna make these shirts, rx at least come up with a decent design. If you’re so inclined, clinic you can buy it here. Penn State officials failed to react properly to the information they received regarding Jerry Sandusky and his awful crimes. Penn State used JoePa as a scapegoat and he died of…


Best Column About the Passing of Penn State Coach #JoePaterno

I’ve wanted to write something about the passing of long time former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, viagra see but couldn’t find the best way to express what I was thinking. Then I found this column at the Detroit Free Press by Michael Rosenberg and decided he could say it better than I could. If you click the link below you can read the whole thing, but basically what…

January 23, 2012

Latest on Joe Paterno/Penn State Sex Scandal

So many stories out there, discount viagra sick that I’m not going to try and compete with all of them, viagra generic pharmacy so we’ll just bring you some of the best/latest we’ve come across.  The Penn State Board of Trustees faces a huge dilemma this weekend: ask a living legend to step aside against Nebraska, even though he hasn’t been charged with a crime, but may have done less…

November 9, 2011