#Jets Owner’s Daughter Shoot, Distribute 2011 #Cheerleader Calendar

Jets Cheerleader Calendar preview
August 26, 2011

From USA Today: Here’s a preview of the New York Jets’ 2012 “Flight Crew” Cheerleader Swimsuit calendar.  Owner Woody Johnson’s daughters created this year’s calendar.  His daughter Daisy Johnson shot the photos while sister Jaime served as art director. It’s selling for $18 at jetsshop.com, sildenafil check says spokesman Jesse Derris.


Did Jets QB Mark Sanchez Knowingly “Date” a 17-Year-Old Girl? – Eliza Kruger

February 10, 2011

UPDATE: New York Post Outs Teen – Eliza Kruger – From the Post: Sexy rich girl Eliza Kruger not only bragged on Facebook about “MARK F–ING SANCHEZ” texting her after they flirted at a hip Manhattan nightclub on New Year’s Eve — she also took photos of a mussed-up bed in his boudoir as “proof” of their huddle just days later. “We went back to his place in Jersey after…