HS Coach Sex Scandal of the Year? Wife Find Hubby in Bed With Underage Girl, Snaps Pictures and Takes Them to Cops

Middle School coach Joel Huddleston's mug shot
May 10, 2011

It’s not often anymore that we get the juicy details of High School Coach Sex Scandals. Usually, viagra buy for sale between the cops and the news outlets, most of the interesting details have been washed out and you basically have “coach had inappropriate relationship with teen” report. Bor-ring! But not this time. This time we have the wife of a middle school teacher/coach/youth pastor coming home–apparently unexpectedly–to find her…


HS Softball Coach, Out on Bond for Sex With Girls, Caught in Motel Room With One of the Victims

Coach Thomas Dennis Powell mug shot
April 22, 2011

Some people just don’t get it. The cops arrested you for having an inappropriate relationship with an underage girl (or two). You posted bond so you don’t have to sit in jail until the trial starts something in the next five years. But as part of your bond, best cialis view you have to agree NOT to see any of your alleged victims. How hard is that? Apparently too hard…


College Volleyball Coach Arrested in Internet Sex Sting, Resigns

Coach Kyle Kvasnicka
April 15, 2011

And yet another coach ruins his life after getting on the Internet, viagra sale hospital starting up a chat with someone he thought was an underage girl, and then finding out it was a middle-aged cop instead. Details from Victory Sports Network: Concordia University Irvine has accepted the resignation of Women’s Volleyball Head Coach Kyle Kvasnicka. The Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office in Colorado informed Concordia on April 12 that…


Former Coach, 70, Who Had Football Stadium Named After Him, Arrested for Rape of Girl, 16

Coach Philip Carter Horsey
April 13, 2011

Nothing that unusual about the basic details of this story:  adult male coach accused of sex with an underage girl. This time though, viagra canada cialis the accused, viagra canada one Phillip Carter Horsey, 70, used to coach football at Montgomery Central High School (TN) and apparently was so good at it that after he retired from the game, they named a stadium after him. Apparently though, that is likely…


Latest HS Coach Sex Scandal: Girls Basketball Coach in Lakewood, Colorado

April 8, 2011

UPDATE: Second Victim Comes Forward – The Denver Channel is reporting a second alleged victim for Coach Wesley Specht, viagra usa viagra apparently at the same time as the first victim AND his live-in girlfriend. That’s one busy guy. Here’ s more on this update: The second victim — a 15-year-old girl — said she had a sexual relationship with Specht in late 2010 and early 2011, nurse police said….


Asst. HS Football Coach Accused of Sex Girl During Field Trip to Germany

Mug shots of two teacher from Paramus Catholic High School
April 6, 2011

Parents: make sure you choose the chaperones to your kid’s overseas trips wisely. Otherwise, viagra sale hospital the men you think are looking out for your little girls might turn out to be taking advantage of them instead. Case in point: the resent overseas trip for students at Paramus Catholic High School (NJ) to Belgium and Germany with what sounds like an extra-fun stop in Bavaria. There, according to police,…