Cheer Coach Accused of “Impairing the Morals of a Minor”

“Impairing the morals of a minor?” Based on what we’ve been reading lately, a lot of minors already have impaired  morals. That’s not to say that what cheerleading coach Manuel Batson (CT) did was right, but it does make you think that we need to come up with new laws to cover today’s sex-filled environment? Basically, Batson is accused of sending naked pictures of himself in exchange for getting naked…

December 19, 2011

Hot #Cheerleading Coach/Teacher Accused of Sex With Three High School Boys – Michelle Preston

Michelle Preston mug shot
September 27, 2011

This case has taken a LONG time to play out, but that’s because the accused, high school psychology teacher, and cheerleading coach, Michelle Preston has been in the hospital recovering from injuries sustained in a one car accident in March of this year. That accident just happened to coincide with Shawnee Mission West High School (Kansas) putting her on administrative leave while they investigated claims that she was having inappropriate…


HS Coach to Middle School Girl – “I Wish I Was the Shorts That You are Wearing!”

Coach Ben Crumley - mug shot
August 12, 2011

Benjamin W. Crumley, 33, who used to coach girls sports at Rogers Middle School (Texas) stands accused of having sex with three different young ladies from the school over the past six or seven years. According to police, two girls (now in high school) came forward to report the abuse by their former coach and also name a third victim. Usually these types of cases don’t have a lot of…


HS Coach Who Originally Got Suspended Sentence Violates Parole, Will Now Spend 10 Years in Jail – #sexscandal

The judge originally handed David Paisley, 43, a suspended sentence after he plead guilty to arranging online to meet a 14-year-old girl  for sex. Unfortunately for Paisley, that carried with it a stipulation that he not be around children and, a couple months back, he was caught in a public park having lunch. Now he goes to jail for 10 years.

August 8, 2011

Female Softball Coach, 33, Caught With Underage Player – #sexscandal

Christa Tharp mug shot
August 1, 2011

Not a lot of details on this story, but Christa Rene Tharp, 33, the Napa High junior varsity softball coach, reportedly had an “ongoing sexual relationship” with a juvenile she met while coaching a local youth softball team.  Coach Tharp faces faces charges of oral copulation with a person under 18 years old, contact with a minor with the intent to commit a sexual offense, annoying/molesting a child under 18…


HS #Tennis Coach Arrested for #Skype Affair With Girl, 16

Married father-of-two Ty Levy, 48, an elementary school math teacher and high school tennis coach in Virginia, is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with an underage girl in Pennsylvania. How? The magic of live video chat over Skype, of course! According to cops, Levy was able to convince the girl to disrobe and perform a sex act on herself while he did the same.

July 7, 2011

Girls HS #Soccer Coach Exchanges Over 14,000 Texts w. Player, 15 – #sexscandal

Ryan Baker, 40, former girls varsity soccer coach at Troy High School (Ohio) pleaded no contest to telephone harassment charges after police say he exchange 14,600 text message and made 900 phone calls to one of his underage players over a period of only 187 day or about half a day. That comes out to about 80 texts a DAY! Some kind of record?

July 6, 2011