Family Sues School District for $18.7 Million, Claims They Ignored Coach Sex Scandal

Is this the next phase in the High School Coach Sex Scandal trend of the last 10 years? We report more and more of them, but nothing seems to want the schools to get more involved in preventing these incidents.  So, parents are going to start suing schools, especially when there’s evidence they knew–or should have known–about an inappropriate relationship. The latest case: In Indiana, the family of a former…

May 29, 2012

Swim Coach Has Sex With Teen, Provides Her With Fake Medical Note to Get Back in School – Kenneth Fuller

If the charges against West Chester Rustin High School (PA) swim coach  Kenneth Fuller are true, this guy went to great lengths to allegedly have sex with a high school girl. Usually they find an empty classroom or parked car to do the deed. This guy–allegedly–prepared elaborate schemes to get the girl out of school and her pants. Not only did he call the school on one occasion pretending to…

May 21, 2012

Gym Teacher, 36, Accused of Inappropriate Contact in Classroom With Two Underage Boys – Kimberly Lake Smith

Gym teacher Kimberly Lake Smith
May 18, 2012

It’s been a little while since we had a lady gym teacher on this page. Say hello to Kimberly Lake Smith, 36, a former teacher at Galeton High School (PA) who apparently has a long history of inappropriate contact with male students . . . at least that’s according to a criminal complaint filed by Galeton Borough Police Chief Christopher Brackman. In addition to the current two incidents (details below)…


Cops Say Gym Teacher Left School to Masturbate in Public – Timothy D. Lawson

For months–MONTHS!–Las Vegas, Nevada cops have been receiving reports about a black man either masturbating or urinating in public and were unable to catch him “in the act” so to speak. In all, nearly a dozen women reported seeing a grown man, sometimes just sitting on a concrete wall in the middle of the day, just pleasuring himself, not seeming to care of anyone saw him. Sometimes multiple times day…

May 7, 2012

Lady Softball Coach Accused of Sex With High School Boy – Jillian Clementi

mug shot of coach clementi
May 4, 2012

By all accounts, Jillian Clementi, was a New Jersey softball legend: she had been playing the game since age 5, had a flawless fielding record her senior year as Immaculate Heart Academy’s shortstop, was named first team all state and was the 2002 Bergen County Player of the Year.  She then went on to play second and third base for Saint Joseph’s University and was named to the Atlantic 10 All-Conference…


New Approach: Bowling Coach Asks Teen to Send Him Naked Pictures, Claims It Helps With His Game – Michael Nearhoof

We’re going to have to defer to BadJocks readers who bowl: how, exactly, does having naked pictures of teenaged girls on your cell phone help you bowl better? We’re not trying to say we understand all the nuances of knocking down the 10 pins, but would they really take the place of say, practicing? Or a new ball? We’re confused that anyone would come up with this con game, much…

April 27, 2012

Female Coach/Teacher Arrested for Sex At Hotel With Boy, 17, – Erin Queen

Mug shot of coach/teacher Erin Queen
March 19, 2012

Not a lot of details about this story. Just another example of seemingly intelligent young women who are throwing their careers away for sex with underage males. Don’t think this has reached epidemic proportions? Check out the list of Female Teacher Sex Scandals at our sister site, The DumbAss Daily.  There’s at least one case like this a week these days, and sometimes close to ONE A DAY. Is no…


From Our “Special Place in Hell” Dept: Coach Accused of Sex with Special Olympian

We cover a lot of high school coach sex scandals on this site, and a lot of teacher sex scandals over at The Dumbass Daily. And, after a while, you think you’ve seen everything and that nothing will surprise you anymore. Wrong! Now we get to tell you about Cornelius Davis, 29 a special education teaching assistant and counselor at Brookland-Cayce High School (SC) who is accused of sexually assaulting…

March 6, 2012