#Britain’s 300 Year Old #AscotRace Marred by Drunken Brawl in Stands Over Woman: #VanityFair

You all know about the Royal Ascot horse race in the United Kingdom, the one the Queen herself attends in a big hat and everyone rich sits around and pretends to be bored by the race itself? Yeah, sales about that: apparently serving booze to the fans is making it a little more “interesting” according to Vanity Fair: A group of eight grown men, seemingly friends, got into a drunken…

June 21, 2011

New Preakness Mascot is “Kegasus” a Drunken Half Man/Half Horse Centaur

April 3, 2011

From our “What Were They Thinking?” Department: The famed Preakness horse race, the second jewel in the Triple Crown, seems to think the only way to attract a hip, younger “partying” crowd is to promote the event using a centaur named Kegasus, a nipple-pierced, boozing centaur. No, really. This was the best plan they could come up with to promote something called “Infield Fest.” So, instead of making horse racing…