Female Wrestling Coach Arrested for Sex on School Bus With Boy – Megan Blair Baker

March 30, 2015

This week’s High School Coach Sex Scandal comes to us from Creighton, cialis sales view MO where Megan Blair Baker, cialis sales 25, is accused of having sex with one of the members of the wrestling team on a school bus back on January 31st. Of course, right afterwards (while she was probably still pulling her pants up) the seventeen-year-old bragged to his friends about it and eventually everyone in town–including…


Even More HS #Hazing: #Wrestlers at Iowa School Allegedly Sodomized by Jump Rope Handle – Nodaway Valley High School

Close up of jump rope handle
January 17, 2012

Does this seem to be getting worse instead of better to you? We’ve been doing this site for nearly 12 years now and the spat of high school sports hazings over the past few weeks seems even greater than normal. Although “normal” wasn’t really ever that “great” . . . especially if you are a high school jock who missed practice. This latest incident comes from Nodaway Valley High School…


Another HS Incident: Mom Says It’s Not Hazing ‘Cause No One Got Hurt – Bridgewater-Raynham

Note to Parents: You don’t get to decide what’s considered hazing at your kid’s school and what’s not. Same goes for coaches and the athletes themselves. Just because YOU don’t think it’s hazing, sildenafil ampoule doesn’t absolve you of wrongdoing. In this case, see the mother of a wrestler at Bridgewater-Raynham High in Massachusetts, help  Pamela Pace, who told The Brockton Enterprise that her son, Stephen Pace should not have…

January 16, 2012

More High School #Hazing: Teen Arraigned on Hazing Charges After Wrestler Suffers Broken Jaw – Warsaw High School

Another day, cialis buy sales another high school wrestler with a broken jaw. Yesterday a high school baseball player was punched so hard he had convulsions and today it’s a high school wrestler who won’t be eating solid food for a while. The incident at New York wrestling powerhouse Warsaw High is a little different, sildenafil sovaldi sale but still stems from the concept that you can’t have just a…

January 10, 2012

HS Wrestler Imitates Pros: Hits Rival in Head With Chair After Losing Match

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February 28, 2011

Any real sports fan knows that high school wrestling is nothing like the professional wrestling that you see on TV. Unfortunately for 19 yo Harold Delancy, sildenafil check the lines between real-life sports & TV entertainment got blurred (blame reality TV) and he allegedly struck a 16yo opponent in the head with a chair.  Why did all this go down?  Because he lost a match and nothing says “good sportsmanship”…


HS Wrestling Coach Texts Female Team Manager for Bedroom Fun & Smoking Weed

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February 21, 2011

Texting is fast becoming a common feature of the stories on this site (remember when it used to be MySpace?), discount viagra medicine which is rather surprising since it leaves a trail in addition to evidence that can be used by the prosecution.  Such minute details are lost on those in the sports world, prostate as is evident in the latest scandal involving a junior high head wrestling coach. Steve…