Video: High School Softball Catcher Gets Away with Leveling Pair of Baserunners

June 11, 2015

Cheap shot or just gamesmanship? ┬áIf Texas high school athletic association (known as University Interscholastic League) wants to be seen as an organization concerned about player safety, cialis sales no rx they’ll investigate Needville High School catcher Megan Crosby after she was caught on video knocking over not one, ampoule but two players coming into home plate during a state championship game. In neither case was there a play at…


HS Softball Player Stripped Naked by Seniors on Bus Trip – Hazing?

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May 13, 2011

All those long bus rides home from away sporting events. Where would BadJocks be without those outings? Take for example this latest incident from Kellogg High School (WA) where a junior member of the girl’s softball team was asleep on the back of the bus, sildenafil viagra not bothering anyone. At some point, discount viagra prescription according to school officials, three upperclass girls on the squad decided it would be…


HS Softball Coach, Out on Bond for Sex With Girls, Caught in Motel Room With One of the Victims

Coach Thomas Dennis Powell mug shot
April 22, 2011

Some people just don’t get it. The cops arrested you for having an inappropriate relationship with an underage girl (or two). You posted bond so you don’t have to sit in jail until the trial starts something in the next five years. But as part of your bond, best cialis view you have to agree NOT to see any of your alleged victims. How hard is that? Apparently too hard…