Video: North Carolina high school girl suspended after vicious hit on soccer field

April 10, 2016

UPDATE: Apparently Pine Forest goalkeeper Cassie Sturtz has a history of taking out strikers with flying tackles. Sturtz used a similarly aggressive move during the 2014-15 season during a match against fellow North Carolina foe Grays Creek. Watch this video and decide if a two game suspension now seems like enough of a punishment. EARLIER: I’m no expert, but seems like if you did something like this to a stranger…


Court: HS Soccer Players Leaves Bench During Game, Kicks Rival in Face Breaking His Jaw

February 13, 2015

Tempers run hot in sports these days and apparently no hotter than in high school soccer in El Paso, Texas where Andress High School and Jefferson High School were playing a soccer game back on February 3.  At some point during the match, Edgar Perez of Jefferson, and an unidentified player from Andress got into a physical altercation on the field and the Andress bench cleared to join in the…


Shock Video: Player on Girls High School Soccer Team Knees Fallen Opponent to the Head

October 19, 2012

From our “You Belong in Jail” Files: meet Petiola Manu, a player on the Salt Lake City High East girls soccer team. Before we go into details about what happened and have people start emailing us about how things happen “in the heat of play” that we don’t understand, take a look at the video from this incident between SLC High East and Wood Cross High on October 12th. You can clearly…


Girls HS “Player of the Year” Suspended for Six Weeks for Throwing Punch – Sarah Keville

Sarah Keville, the star of the Vero Beach High girls soccer team, has won many honors over the years including the 2011 National Soccer Coaches Association of America High School Girls State Player of the Year. But even a Player of the Year can lose her temper sometime and Keville is now suspended for six weeks after she was caught throwing a punch during a game. On video. The coach…

December 15, 2011

Poor Sportsmanship Leads to Soccer Brawl, Violent Felony Charge

Soccer is usually one of the more low key high school sports but not when goalie Jared Henry plays.  During a game, he decided that someone on the opposing team displayed what he deemed to be poor sportsmanship.  What’s an 18yo to do?  Go in for the kill, of course. After being held back not once, but twice, Henry charged again only to be tackled by Brian Reilly.  Not one…

February 11, 2011